Tony Morin ’21 shows us the perks of living on campus and what a week as a resident assistant looks like. Here are a few of his reflections and photos that he took. 

Tony looks out the window from his dorm.

The windows of St. André Apartments make for a great golden hour. This is arguably the best photo I have taken so far.

Tony and his friend.

I love being able to be a part of a community that will accept me and let me be my true goofy self! All kinds of personalities are found in on-campus living.

Tony plays pool in his residence hall.

I never knew how to play billiards or ping-pong until I started living in residence halls. Now it is one of my favorite pastimes!

Tony cooks in the kitchen in his dorm.

I learned how to bake in my first-year residence hall and have loved baking ever since!

TV in the main lobby of Tony's residence hall is playing a football game.

The main lobby of my residence hall is one of my favorite spots in the building. An 80-inch TV is great and all but watching it with friends makes it all much better.

Tony lays on the grass on a nice day outside of his residence hall.

Seeing someone laying on the grass at St. Ed's is very common. This is one of my favorite ways to pass time and I enjoy every opportunity where I can just relax.

Tony and his friend Val hang out in the Residents Directors office.

Every Monday morning me and Val would hang out in our resident director's office and contemplate how much we disliked Mondays.

RA staff supporting our SEU sports teams and having a good time.

RA staff supporting our SEU sports teams and having a good time. If there was an award for most spirited staff, we would win.

Tony and one of his closest friends share a hug.

I met one of my closest friends living in an on-campus residence hall. Now we work together every day on the same staff.

Tony, Joe, and Magaly always try and catch up between their busy schedules.

Every space is a space to hang out! Me, Joe, and Magaly always try and catch up between our busy schedules.

Tony shows us his breakfast.

Fun Fact: I woke up 15 minutes before class, got ready and got breakfast without being late. Perks of living across the street from your class.

Tony helps a student at the residence hall front desk.

We love and support our front desk workers. I always want to stop by the lobby for the opportunity to talk about our days.

More About Tony

Where are you from? San Antonio, Texas.

Major and graduation year? B.A. Biology and graduating in 2021.

Your idea of happiness? My idea of happiness is pure self-love. When you learn to love yourself above all you just feel like you can take on the world.

What inspires you? People that are younger than me inspire me to be a better person. I understood that people look up to me as a mentor, therefore they inspire me to be the best version of myself at all times.

Which photo sticks out to you the most and why? My favorite photo is the one with my entire residence hall staff at the basketball game. I have worked with them for the past semester and they have been an absolute blessing. I have been able to grow with them professionally and emotionally. They have genuinely become some of my closest friends here on the hilltop and I would do anything for them because they have been here for me since day one.