This article is part of an ongoing series, in which students document their experiences, both on campus and beyond, from their unique perspective.  

Graduating from college can be as much of a transition as starting college. For Patricia Medina ’19, a Communication major from Houston, the first few months post-graduation feel like summer vacation.

“People are moving, getting jobs or going to [grad] school. I think we’re all just moving with the flow but not entirely sure where we’ll end up,” she says. For Medina, that means staying in Austin, where she works for GoDaddy as a creative specialist who manages the social media of local businesses around the nation. “I loved my time here in Austin and at St. Edward’s, with lots of great people who are going to do amazing things.”

Sunrise reflecting on the apartments

Even though it was hard to get up for my 8 a.m. biology class, the way the sunrise would reflect on the apartment buildings made it worth it. I always enjoyed that part of my walk.

Women and Their Work

During my last year at St. Ed’s, I interned for the nonprofit art gallery, Women & Their Work. This was the day we were setting up for the big art gala they have every year at a house from the 1800s. The day was hot, but the flowers that the owner had were blooming. I would love to circle back and do something with an art gallery again in the future.

View from Fleck Hall

Everyone knows there’s nothing quite like the view and light from the top floor of Fleck. It’s a nice area to study peacefully. 

Shadows during a walk

I did a lot of walking last semester. This was just on my way back to my apartment from a full day of classes and work. 

Myrka Moreno

This is my friend Myrka Moreno. She’s such a strong woman — already doing so much for her career. I’m definitely blessed to know her and witness how passionate she is about current social issues. 

Patricia Medina

My friend, Joshua Rios, took this picture of me picking up my cap and gown for graduation. I still can‘t believe it‘s over!