This article is part of an ongoing series, in which students document their experiences, both on campus and beyond, from their unique perspective.  

Aida Domingo ’19 was recently selected to participate in FleishmanHillard’s Diversity Fellowship program. Before she graduated from St. Edward’s with a degree in Communication, she had the opportunity to study abroad. Here are a few of her reflections and photos she took as she traveled through Asia.

Aida walking through rice fields in Bali.

One of my life mottos is: Run toward discomfort​. I’m constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I love it.

Aida on a swing, high above the rice fields in Bali.

I enjoy working out and trying out different fitness classes.

Waves breaking on a rocky beach.

My favorite candle smells are anything related to ocean, i.e. ocean breeze, fresh air, beach days. Whatever that means, it reminds me of home. Also, this is one of my favorite photos from abroad.

A Cambodian monk blessing Aida inside a temple.

My present state of mind is that of making the most out of every experience and being grateful about it. I just moved to Dallas for my first job, and I’m still not sure what I’m doing or where I see myself in the future but I’m absorbing every inch of experience and enjoying every second of it.

Aida creating the illusion that she is touching noses with one the faces carved out of the temple's walls.

I’m a frustrated photographer and food blogger. I love cooking and taking photos of absolutely everything, but I just don’t publish or post them anywhere.

A selfie of Aida posing with a camel.

I had never seen a camel before, and surprisingly, I saw it in China — was definitely not expecting that!

Aida splashing elephants as they bathe.

Spending a whole morning in an elephant sanctuary playing and hanging out with them was one of my favorite experiences of those 5 months.

Aida watching the sunset in Hong Kong.

I was born and raised in Panama, and I lived there all my life. I just moved to Austin for college and am now living in Dallas.

Aida walking by the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.

I majored in Communication (PR and Advertising track) and minored in Digital Marketing. I graduated in May 2019.

People watching the sunset in a pool overlooking some nearby temples.

For me, success means being able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and realizing you can actually do it. It’s accomplishing little things (like making it out of bed when you really considered skipping class/work or making it through your day’s to-do list) and being able to celebrate them with the right people.

Aida sitting next to a woman who crafts tobacco and textile products.

My time at the Hilltop in 3 words: Just Google it. JK! I’d say it’s: Go for it.

Aida and her friends sitting on the stairs in front of a palace in Seoul.

In college, I learned to really appreciate friends and different types of friendships — not only the ones you see every single day, but also those back home with whom you text once a semester but when you see each other it’s like nothing has changed.

Aida with a friend on a boat.

I’m more of a tea person. I love green tea, but with no honey or sugar or any type of sweetener. (In case you missed it, that’s matcha in my cup).

Aida and a friend posing in front of the White Temple in Thailand.

Those pants are called elephant pants and are very popular in Thailand. I brought 3 pairs back with me and still use them all the time. They're so comfortable!

Women wearing kimonos walking by a temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Most of my closet is either black or white. I barely own colorful clothes, but I love neutral outfits with pops of colorful accessories.