If you’re unsure about moving from your own room at home to a room on campus, we get it. Or if you’re considering an off-campus apartment, we get that, too.

But before you bypass the residence halls and on-campus apartments, read what the St. Edward’s resident assistants (RAs) have to say about living on campus. (Spoiler alert: It all comes down to extra sleep.)  

Drone image of Main Building overlooking the Skyline
Downtown skyline

1. Everything is nearby.

The RAs give the proximity to campus high marks, but living on campus also means you’re just blocks from one of Austin’s hottest streets: South Congress Avenue, which has a grocery store and some of the city’s best restaurants and shops. 

“Living on campus gives you easy access to all dining halls, office hours, computers labs — basically, everything you need is right here on campus!”

“Everything is so convenient, studying with friends and classmates, food and coffee is close, you meet so many more people than if you didn’t live on campus.”   

2. Catch up on sleep.

Imagine staying awake extremely late to cram for an exam that you have the following morning. Wouldn’t you like to get as much sleep as possible instead of scrambling to make it to class? Once all of the college work kicks in, we promise you’ll be so excited to get an extra 5 minutes before class.   

“You get to sleep a lot longer because walking to class only takes between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on where you live and where you are going. If you live off campus, you have to account for traffic and drive times. Those extra 15 to 30 minutes of sleep make a big difference.”

“An unexpected benefit of living on campus is being able to run back to your room between classes to catch a nap. Hands down the most refreshing thing.”

3. Take advantage of academic resources.

Let’s say you need help writing a paper, but since you live in an apartment that’s far from campus, you decide not to get extra help. Missing out on the opportunity to have a skilled academic read over your paper could mean the difference between an A and a B. 

“The 24-hour computer labs and study rooms are great.”

- “You can print for free at multiple places on campus.”

4. Join a club and organization.

RAs encourage new (and current) students to get involved on campus because they know the benefits. The university provides tons of opportunities, whether it’s applying for an on-campus job, or joining a student organization/club that interests you! 

“Living on campus keeps you closer to classes, friends and on campus organizations.” 

5. Avoid the hassle of driving.

Ever thought about giving yourself more time for naps, homework and socializing? Living on-campus gives you that luxury, and avoiding commuting hours can help make your mornings way less stressful. 

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people complain about not knowing what to do in a two-hour gap between classes, or wanting to go study in a quiet spot on campus but not wanting to drive there or back home. If you live on campus, you can just walk back to your dorm when you’re done studying!”

 6. Become closer to the university community.

The university prides itself in making sure that we have a diverse and inclusive community, and the RAs are all about building that community. 

“You have the opportunity to meet so many diverse and like-minded people and get involved without the hassle of driving or walking to campus.”

“Living on campus is a great way to make lifelong friends. The friends that I made while living here are now like my little family away from home.” 

7. Living on campus a great value.

One student said, “It does not cost as much as you expect!” and they’d be right. When you factor in the 24-hour laundry room, multiple 24-hour computer lab with printers and Google Fiber Wi-Fi, and so much more, living on campus is hard to beat.

Austin Popa ’19 graduated with a Marketing degree from St. Edward's. His favorite memory about living on campus is meeting new people in the university community.