1. What is your favorite thing about St. Edward's?

Aside from being on a beautiful campus in an amazing city, I'd have to say it's the networking opportunities. Students don't always think about how important the people you interact with during your college years will be. Whether you are applying for grants or fellowships, trying to get an internship, looking for research opportunities, applying for jobs after graduation, or picking a post-graduate program, you will need people to speak to your work ethic and character. At St. Edwards, you are definitely not just a number. You will get to know your advisors, professors and other leaders on campus during your time here. With a little effort on your part, they will become lifelong mentors and friends who will certainly speak up for you when you need it most! 

2. Describe your perfect day in Austin.

The morning starts with walking my dog and then having Tacodeli...an Otto on wheat to be exact. Then, I hop on my bike for a quick ride to Zilker where I jog a few miles on the Ann & Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail. Stopping to take in the views and the people on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge is always nice. In the afternoon, I grab a book and head over to my local park or to Radio Coffee & Beer to read for a while. Then, having dinner at one of the many spots off South Lamar or just grilling and hanging out at home is always a great way to end the day! Oh, of course with a Real Ale beer in hand! 

3. What's your favorite part of an application to read?

The personal statement/essay is definitely the most fascinating. It has such a raw element to it which gives me a better grasp on where this individual is coming from in their life and what experiences have brought them to this moment in time. It allows me insight into their thought process on taking the next step in their education and career. It also helps show me what this investment truly means to them. For some, it's a very linear journey to get here and for others, it appears to be a maze. Each journey and story is so unique, which makes my job a bit challenging, yet keeps it very interesting. 


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Staci Hanrahan