Patricia Medina

Patricia Medina works with students from Florida and Georgia. Here she shares her thoughts on Austin, Texas, and gives advice to students applying to St. Edward's University.

What's your favorite thing about St. Edwards?

My favorite thing about St. Ed's is the campus itself! When I was looking at universities for undergrad, I didn't know where I wanted to go until I visited St. Ed's. As soon as I stepped on campus, I knew this was the place I needed to be. You can find a lot of beauty in the nature of the campus. Some of my favorite memories include simply sitting out on the lawn in between classes with friends. 

Describe your perfect day in Austin. 

The perfect day would start off with a nice, long walk through one of the many trails in Austin! There's nothing better than starting the day with a little movement. Then I'd head over to whatever grocery store I'm feeling at that moment (either my HEB or Trader Joe's) to get some weekly groceries. I'd probably cook some lunch with my friends and then end the night at the Alamo Drafthouse to catch a movie. Their season pass is the best thing to ever happen to me. Twenty dollars a month for unlimited movies? Sign me up!

What advice do you have for people applying to college?

To bring it back to my first answer, I'd say visit the campus if you can! You can for sure get the vibes of a university by just walking around. I'd recommend even visiting the schools that aren't on the top of your list originally, because you never know!


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Patricia Medina