Ryleigh Henderson

Ryleigh Henderson

1. What’s your favorite thing about St. Edward’s?

I love our University mission statement. It encourages students to pursue their chosen discipline and to understand how it fits into the larger scheme. There is an appreciation for international connectedness, thoughtful minds, caring hearts and clear leadership. These values serve the past and present students. 

2. What’s your favorite hilltop tradition? 

One of my favorite events is the Medallion Ceremony and Legacy Walk. Incoming first year students are invited to receive a medallion with the seal of the University. Following the ceremony, the Legacy Walk begins and students enter through the Main Building Red Doors. This pilgrimage through the heart of campus symbolizes their entrance into the university community. At the end of the students senior year, they process out the Red Doors. They make this walk proudly wearing the medallion they received their first year. This medallion is a symbol of their rich experience here at St. Edward’s.

3. What do St. Edward’s students say is a must-do college experience? 

If there were a St. Edward’s bucket list, I know the Service Break Experience program would be on it! There are a number of trips both international and domestic within the program. It challenges students to step out of their comfort zones and confront critical issues through service. These trips are centered around four pillars: building community, doing justice, living simply and engaging spiritually. Students spend two semesters preparing for their immersion. I went on three trips as a student, and it was humbling to be immersed in an environment without distractions and engaging purely in service with like-minded people.

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