In a world where it seems harder and harder to get ahead, the St. Edward’s community is more focused than ever on supporting our students’ success. Explore how our building blocks for college success prepare students to create their future, purposefully.  

Students walking down steps leading to the Red Doors.

PART 1: 

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Educating Hearts and Minds

Each year, a new group of students is welcomed to the hilltop. And while much has changed over the years, the connection to the university’s mission remains strong. Here, five people with deep roots at St. Edward’s discuss the principles that guide us.

We continue to be community driven. We want to give back and make a positive impact. - Leonidas Lacayo
Aerial view of students walking through St. Edward’s campus.


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Giving Students an Edge 

What are the things (and people) that set our graduates up for success? We’ll show you in videos and stories the ways St. Edward’s helps students thrive in college and out in the world.

PART 3: 

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"I Think You Can Do This."

The university has long touted its personal approach to supporting student success with small classes, excellent mentorship and meaningful connections that last past graduation. A professor and a student talk about what that philosophy looks like in practice.

Back view of a girl with a backpack.
"Jena Heath was such an invaluable resource for me in college and has continued to be someone I trust for advice in my career." Tristaan Hallman

PART 4: 

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Support Every Step of the Way

Success coaches and personalized roadmaps are guiding students through their academic experience and into their career.

Illustrations by Kati Lacker