Make new friends. Stay physically fit. Learn a new activity. Build leadership skills. Compete against teams across the nation. The excitement and rewards of club sports at St. Edward’s make it a winning activity on the hilltop. Our students are passionate about their teams and the club sports community.

This year, nearly 300 Hilltoppers are involved in our club sports program, which includes 17 popular teams, such as soccer, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, basketball and cheerleading. Don’t see your favorite sport in the mix? Start a new club sport team! See what these five students say about the ways club sports have enhanced their St. Edward’s experience and why you should join the fun. (Don't miss their video at the end of the page.)

Karina Moreno holding a soccer ball

Karina Moreno ’21

Women’s Club Soccer

Major: Biology and Spanish
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

“Club sports is more than just sports. It’s led and managed by students and gives us the opportunity to grow as individuals and leaders.”

Club sports supports you in every way possible — physically, mentally, spiritually and academically. You get to work out, which is always good for you. You get to relieve the stress that accumulates from school and life in general. I know that my club sports community is there for me, that they care about me and want me to succeed. It’s a family! And when you have a family that’s a good support system, you can succeed in anything.

The proudest moment I experienced with my team. We were the first ever SEU Women’s Soccer Club team to attend the 2019 National Tournament, AND we left with the Sportsmanship Award. Knowing that my team was recognized for our character at a national level, and that we represented ourselves and our university so well, made me incredibly proud!

My advice to new and future students at St. Ed’s. Joining a club sport brings you friends to laugh with, go to lunch with, sing songs with on trips across state lines, stay warm with under blankets on the bench, have Thanksgiving meals with, go on hikes with … and so much more. Whether you’ve played a sport before or not, just try it out! My team and the club sports community has impacted my life in very powerful ways. I am a better, more reliable and happier person because of them.

Michael Manimbo holding his lacrosse gear

Michael Manimbo ’21

Men’s Lacrosse 

Major: Digital Media Management
Hometown: Bay Village, Ohio

“While I grew up playing ice hockey, my lacrosse teammates figured the skills between sports would translate nicely. And they did!”

Club sports are fun! To me, they’re the best extracurricular activity on campus. I always look forward to team practices and games, and the pause from a busy college schedule. Not only do they keep me physically active and provide relief from physical and mental stress, but they aren’t a major time commitment. If you can spend hours on end watching Netflix and taking naps, I’m willing to bet you can find 5–10 hours to play a sport during the week.

My path to lifelong friendships. Prior to coming St. Edward’s, I had not been to Texas and didn’t know anyone here. The relationships I’ve formed with teammates are incredibly special and valuable. You get to meet so many people from different backgrounds and walks of life. The teammates that you have are your teammates on and off the field. I’ve made a solid group of friends that’s sure to last far beyond graduation.

My favorite team road trip. My freshman year, the lacrosse team officers put together a great spring break experience. We caravanned to New Orleans to play Tulane in a game and won easily. But the trip was much more than that. We visited a local nonprofit organization called the Green Project, which disposes of paint in an environmental way and recycles building materials. It was amazing to see the work that people do for each other, all over the place.

Elinor Hehir

Elinor Hehir ’21

Women’s Lacrosse

Major: Forensic Science
Hometown: San Jose, California

“Club sports is a great way to stay fit, active and competitive in an environment that is also socially supportive.”

One reason I got involved in club sports at St. Ed’s. I’ve played lacrosse since middle school, and I could not imagine going through college without having my club team here. I’m now wrapping up my 4th year on the team. 

I’ve made lifelong friends that I consider family. My team has traveled across Texas competing in the sport I love. The support that comes from my teammates in both the good and the hard times has helped me in so many ways. We’re a community that has the same interests and competitive ambitions. I’ve also taken on a leadership role on the team that’s taught me skills I can take with me in future careers. 

The proudest moment I experienced with my team. It was when we went to playoffs for the first time in club history. We had worked so hard that year to get there and we were on the borderline of qualifying. This was also the first overnight for the team, so it was an amazing bonding moment. From our big team dinner to the final whistle of the game, it was an unforgettable weekend. 

My advice to new and future students at St. Ed’s. Even if you join a club team without experience playing the sport, there is so much to gain from being on a team. You’re able to stay active, join a community and be part of a family. The benefits are invaluable.

Kavan Braun

Kavan Braun ’21

Men’s Lacrosse

Major: Digital Media Management
Hometown: McCordsville, Indiana

“The club sports community gives me a strong sense of belonging.”

Why I got involved in club sports at St. Ed’s. It’s a perfect way to meet new people while playing a sport you love or learning a new. The network of great friends and alumni I’ve met through my club sport are the friends I hang out with regularly. They’ve helped me be a better student and develop as a young professional, with leadership and collaboration skills.

How I connected with my club sport team. A St. Edward’s lacrosse player texted me during the summer before my freshman year and asked me if I wanted to join. I was hesitant, but I decided I would go for it, and I’m thrilled I made that decision — and incredibly grateful for the opportunity and lifelong skills I’ve learned from being a part of club sports.

I love the activity and community. Committing to a club sport allows me to focus on something other than studies and build a community of people I can rely on day in and day out. Not only that, but my sport also gets me out of my living space to be more active, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

One of my proudest team moments. I’m really proud of the team we built leading up to March of 2020. In our last game, we played against the University of Houston, and it was one of the best games our team has played. That last game was a pivotal moment for our team and solidified the success of the season.

Sierra Sweeney

Sierra Sweeney ’23 


Major: Psychology
Hometown: Brandywine, Maryland

“Joining a club sport has helped me meet new people and get my name out there.”

A great way to make new friends. I get to form bonds with my teammates, some of who I wouldn’t have had the pleasure to meet if it wasn’t for being on the cheer team. 

How I connected with my club sport team. My senior year in high school I knew I wanted to continue cheering in college. Once I got into St. Edward’s, I saw they had a cheer team and immediately contacted the person in charge. When I visited, some cheerleaders gave me a tour, and here I am. 

Club sports has helped me develop as a person. For one, it teaches me how to manage my time so that I can be successful both in and out of the classroom. Club sports is also helping me become an effective leader and communicator, and work with a team. I’m extremely proud of becoming a club sports officer as a sophomore. It shows that my team believed in me early on and trusts me to be a great leader. 

My advice to new and future students at St. Ed’s. If you have a passion for a certain sport, or you’re just thinking about getting involved in one for the first time, you should consider joining a club sports team. The friendships you make and the skills you learn are worth it. As far as cheer goes, we love new members and people who are willing to work hard. When competition season comes around, competing is always some of the best memories I have.