Have you decided on your field of study for college? Still exploring options? Either way, hearing from our successful alumni can give you helpful insights about different majors you may be considering, or the one you’ve already chosen.

Find out what these 45  alumni say about their experiences in their majors at St. Edward’s. See how their degrees in the arts and humanities, natural sciences, business, and behavioral and social sciences prepared them for the career they wanted and the rewarding paths they’re on today.


arts and humanities major illustration.

12 Alumni Arts & Humanities Majors

Where can a degree in the humanities take you? We asked alumni from the St. Edward’s School of Arts and Humanities how their undergraduate education prepared them to pursue their dream jobs. You may be surprised by all of the places they ended up.

Social Justice illustration

12 Alumni Behavioral & Social Sciences Majors

Graduates from our School of Behavioral and Social Sciences give you’re a look at how you can tailor your St. Edward’s experience to fit your goals. You’ll learn from professors who get to know you, take classes that open your eyes and have experiences that open doors.

natural sciences illustration

11 Alumni Natural Sciences Majors

Alumni from the School of Natural Sciences at St. Edward’s share how their college experience prepared them for admission into top graduate schools and competitive jobs. The consensus? Professors who care about them and challenge them, advanced research experiences, and more.

business major illustration

10 Alumni Business Majors

Graduates from The Bill Munday School of Business at St. Edward’s use their majors to propel their success in a range of fields — from accounting, finance and entrepreneurship to business administration, marketing and digital media management.


200 Alumni Trailblazers

For generations, graduates of St. Edward’s have left their mark on the world. Whether they’ve launched businesses, changed policies, created art or discovered cures, they’ve used their education to make a difference. See how our alumni are making an impact.