In 2019, Austin Football Club became the city’s first major league sports team. St. Edward’s University students and alumni are working behind the scenes — and out in the community — to make it an integral part of the capital city’s culture.

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PART 1: 

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Childhood Passions Meet Post Grad Opportunities

From playing on the pitch to making his dreams come true, Tony Ho '21 shares how his love for soccer came full circle on the Hilltop.

"If you think about it in a different way, it's more than soccer. It's kind of like, how do you build community?" - Tony Ho '21

PART 2: 

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Knowing and Growing Austin FC's Audience

With Mexico City roots, Alfredo Naim '07 found an international community at St. Edward's that emboldened him to highlight and connect the overlooked audience in Austin ready for fútbol in the city. 

Tony Ho, Jose Covarrubias and Alfredo Naim standing in front of Q2 Stadium wearing Austin FC gear
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From Brand Ambassador to Integral Club Member

First-generation student, Emely Alvarado '21, utilizes campus connections, dual language skills, and communication learnings to find her place at Austin FC.

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José Covarrubias wearing Austin FC gear looking into Q2 Stadium

PART 4: 

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Finding Purpose in the Big Picture

Jose Covarrubias '18 opted not to go pro, but he’s found a career that still immerses him in the soccer community every day.

Dempsey cheering at Austin FC game


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Alumni Channel Hilltop Spirit for Austin FC

Stephanie (Prado) Dempsey ’08 and her husband, Edward Dempsey ’05, share their passion as members of La Murga de Austin.

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By Carson Vaughan
Photography by Chelsea Purgahn