From across the globe, students who crave to make a change come to the hilltop to do just that. Our international students bring their curiosity, ambition, and excitement for learning to the vibrant Austin, Texas. Whether that’s through creating an app to aid farms back home, coding alongside professionals through experiential learning, or preparing for an internship across the country, the hilltop amplifies the voices of passionate innovators and problem-solvers.

Here are a few impactful experiences international students have gained since enrolling at St. Edward’s University.

Analee M '25 presents her research at the university's symposium.

Analee Maharaj ‘25

From the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Analee Maharaj ‘25 decided to pursue Computer Science at St. Edward’s because she knew she would have the opportunity to follow her dreams in the hustle and bustle of city life. With the support of friends and dedicated faculty, she had the chance to explore a field she hadn’t imagined she would be a part of: Business.

Shakiib Wauyo

Shakiib Wauyo ‘25

Throughout his life, Shakiib Wauyo ‘25 has been passionate about providing African solutions to African problems. A natural leader from Jinja, Uganda, Wauyo was determined to one day transform his community for the better. So, it surprised him that his educational journey would lead him not around the continent, but across the world.

Melody Borg

Melody Borg ‘25

A double major in International Business and Management, Melody Borg ‘25, came to St. Edward’s from a Holy Cross High School in Paris, France, to prepare her for a global career. She actively engaged in student organizations and explored internship opportunities that positioned her for success.