Investing in your education and your career is a big decision. To help you find the best fit between our Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) programs, we’ve compiled a short list of common questions and answers that can guide you in the right direction.

Master’s in Leadership vs MBA

The MBA focuses on a broad array of business topics, including digital marketing, accounting, and finance for managers, big data, and general management. You’ll be prepared for the digital economy, with coursework that emphasizes analysis, speed, and integration. We teach the way you’ll work: in a technology-rich environment that incorporates real-life group projects and professors who serve as mentors.

The MSOL focuses on important skills of leadership influence and impact effectiveness, both in the business and not-for-profit worlds. These concepts include leadership and employee development, creative thinking, conflict resolution, persuasion, organizational goal setting, and self and relationship management.


Why get an MBA at St. Edward’s University?

All MBA programs teach similar themes and ideas, but St. Edward’s adds a range of additional concepts, opportunities and scheduling options:

  • An MBA from St. Edward’s is a cross-discipline education. Students earn an MBA and concentrate in Finance, Supply Chain Management or Digital Management.
  • The MBA is a low-residency format that requires minimal attendance on campus (three Saturdays per seven-week term). Flexible scheduling options include an accelerated, one-year program.
  • A maximum class size of 25 means you’ll build strong relationships with your professors and fellow students — Central Texas working professionals with 4+ years of experience. 
  • While the program focuses on business success, it also promotes social and environmental good.
  • Throughout the program, students have opportunities to engage with Austin-based companies and leaders, including those at our partner organizations such as Capital Factory.
  • Students translate course concepts into real-life projects for a variety of organizations, including the City of Austin and the Texas Commission of Music.

Why get a Master’s in Leadership at St. Edward’s University?

  • The MSOL program from St. Edward’s focuses on leadership and change-management skills. It’s about learning how to look beyond change to be most effective. 
  • Most students are working professionals and complete the program in two years.
  • The program consists of 100% online classes for maximum convenience.
  • More than focusing on your own leadership development, you’ll learn how to lead others in for-profit and not-for-profit settings.
  • The curriculum integrates ideas from the Austin business ecosystem, which means that you’ll be learning about real-life challenges businesses and nonprofits are dealing with.
  • Courses build in deep connections, conversations, and learning experiences from faculty, peers, and guest speakers, so in addition to practical, relevant discussions, you’re also building a strong Austin-based network.

Similarities between the Master’s in Leadership and MBA programs

Both programs feature small class sizes that are designed to zero in on the practical application of the skills. They each take full advantage of the university’s relationships with local, regional, national, and global partners. Classes are taught by experienced educators who often have deep professional experience outside the university. Both programs are designed to help students excel professionally, advance their career, and make a positive impact in the business community.