Investing in Yourself 

Juliann Butz ’16, Digital Media Management, offers local agency value through her originality, work ethic and commitment to professional development

As of 2021, Juliann is the CEO of, LLC, where she works in partnership with conscious brands to scale their business by leveraging the power of their online communities. This profile was written prior to her current position.

After graduation, Juliann Butz landed a job as a social specialist for GSD&M, a major advertising agency in Austin whose clients include Southwest Airlines, the PGA Tour, Walgreens and PetSmart. In the role, Juliann shared her creative side and offered social media strategy insights that impact brand work.

Juliann Butz Headshot

Although her work now aligns with her interests, it took Juliann awhile to decide on a major at St. Edward’s University.

In fact, she changed her major at least five times before choosing the Digital Media Management program. "I wanted a degree that integrated important business concepts with the current world of technology, communication and marketing," she said. "Digital Media Management is a one-of-a-kind degree that is only offered at St. Edward’s, and I knew it would prepare me for a job in the tech field."

Juliann delved into cutting-edge coursework that taught her useful digital skills, such as proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and understanding of digital law and marketing.

Outside of the hilltop, Juliann gained international experience with trips to Thailand, where she photographed the country in a faculty-led study abroad program, and India, where she served the Bangalore community in a Service Break Experience program.

Juliann Butz with Dog
Juliann Butz, Brick Wall Background

Both global encounters prepared Juliann for her professional career ahead. They not only help her express gratitude and perseverance, but they also remind her of the imagination she possesses. "I use my knowledge of imagery and photography on a day-to-day basis — when giving feedback to our creative team or when creating a social media post from user-generated content," she said.

In addition to traveling abroad, Juliann interned at GivePulse, an organization which coordinates volunteers and measures the impact of community service, and even worked as a head lifeguard for the City of Austin. Her social media internship at GSD&M, however, helped propel her application at the advertising agency.

During her time at GSD&M, Juliann said her position offered her the freedom to continue developing professionally and the support to pursue her goals. She attended creative meetings and status calls with clients, moderated social media posts and worked on a few analytics projects.

To keep up with rapidly changing technologies, she dedicates at least one hour a day to researching current digital trends. This helps her keep a finger on what users want and how to employ strategies that fit those needs.

When Juliann hits a rough patch, she doesn’t give up or back down. Instead, she digs deeper and finds a solution that works for everyone. She also reflects on what would make her more successful as an employee and speaks up to supervisors.

"Above all else, invest in yourself," she said. "Learn how to be a good communicator. You’ll never get what you want if you don’t know how to ask!"