Juliann Butz

BBA in Digital Media Management, Class of 2016
Social Specialist, GSD&M

Why did you choose to major in Digital Media Management?

It took me awhile to settle on a degree at St. Edward’s. In fact, I changed my major at least five times before landing on Digital Media Management. I wanted a degree that integrated important business concepts with the current world of technology, communication and marketing. Digital Media Management is a one-of-a-kind degree that is only offered at St. Edward’s, and I knew it would prepare me for a job in the tech field, which was where I was hoping to be employed post-grad.

What did you enjoy about your coursework?

The professors in the Digital Media Management program made learning challenging and fun. Because the world of online business is so new, I knew that everything I was learning was on the cutting edge of the “new business order.” My favorite classes included Digital Media Law and Digital Marketing. I loved that we really got a hands-on approach to learning things by working with popular programs such as the Adobe Suite – and a lot of the coursework included lectures and discussions.

What are some lessons you learned from professors or mentors in the business school that you’ve used in your current role?

Work hard and stay educated! Don’t be afraid to break the mold. The world of online business is changing rapidly, so you better keep up. I spend at least an hour a day keeping up with current trends – thanks to my job and my mentors.

What are some activities outside of the classroom that you participated in?

  • Traveled to New York City and Bangalore, India with the Service Break Experience program
  • Photographed Thailand in a faculty-led program with Joe Vitone, one of the best mentors I’ve had thus far
  • Completed a social media internship at GSD&M
  • Interned at GivePulse, located in Capital Factory
  • Worked as a head lifeguard for City of Austin

How did these opportunities prepare you for your current role?

During my Service Break Experience trips, I was able to truly grasp how privileged I was to be receiving a college degree in the United States. This realization stays with me to this day and provides the drive I need to persevere in a fast-paced environment.

My study-abroad trip to Thailand reminded me that I am first and foremost, a creative. I utilize my knowledge of imagery and photography on a day-to-day basis when giving feedback to our creative team or when creating a social media post from User Generated Content.

What is a typical day like in your current role?

The advertising world is nowhere near typical, but I spend a lot of time moderating social media posts, in addition to attending creative meetings and status calls with the client. I have my hand in a few analytics projects, too. The role is in constant fluctuation, and I do what I can to support the greater Decision Sciences Team at GSD&M above all else. 

What aspects of your position or job responsibilities excite you?

I love that the brand I work primarily with gets recognized by major celebrities such as the Kardashians and Samuel L. Jackson, and I have the opportunity to kick start our interaction with them in the social media space. I also love being able to provide my feedback during creative reviews and offer social media strategy insights to upper management. My role really allows me to continue learning while I have complete freedom to determine my own schedule. I also love that I am able to communicate my goals to my boss, and she helps ensure that I gain the experience that will bring me closer to my goals.

What advice do you have for current SEU business students?

Apply yourself – don’t give up when things get hard. Your mom and dad might have handed you everything up until now, but having a life that is completely independent of your parents will truly set you free. Talk up your degree in interviews! People are always impressed to know how tailored the Digital Media Management program is to the tech scene in Austin. Above all else, invest in yourself. Learn how to be a good communicator. You’ll never get what you want if you don’t know how to ask!