Alexandra Robinson is originally from Kansas City but has been living and working in Austin, Texas since 2012. Robinson received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati and her BA from the University of Saint Mary in Kansas.

Alexandra Robinson is a visual artist who uses language and symbols in her creative practice. She grew up in the military and has lived all over the world; because of the semi- transient nature of moving every two years she has a longing for place and identity and explores these themes in her work. Robinson was raised with her immediate family; an intersection of her Mexican and Jewish heritage cultivating a complexity for how she sees and experiences the world. She has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions, some recent selections Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City; Salina Art Center, Salina; The Contemporary, Austin. Robinson is an Associate Professor of Art and director of the Fine Arts Gallery.


MFA in Art at University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2002

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Honors and Awards

AASLH Leadership in History Award for Butterfly Project, Bullock Museum, Austin, TX      
Hudspeth Award for Innovation Instruction, St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX

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School of Arts and Humanities