Kelly E. Green, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX

Licensed Psychologist

National Register Health Services Psychologist

Dr. Green joined the faculty of St. Edward's University in August 2012. Prior to this, she was the Clinical Director of a dual-diagnosis intensive-outpatient treatment program in the VA Boston Healthcare System from 2009 – 2012. Dr. Green’s clinical and research work focus on addiction and dual-diagnosis populations, and she maintains a small private practice. Dr. Green’s research focuses on improving clinical services, reducing barriers to care, adapting evidence-based practices to meet the needs to unique populations, and program evaluation and quality improvement efforts.

My teaching philosophy, goals, and methods reflect my personal values of attending to individual differences, collaboration, and the importance of empiricism. With students, I foster intellectual curiosity, promote attitudes of compassion and acceptance, and encourage the pursuit of social change.

I’ve spent my career studying addiction, providing evidence-based treatment, and teaching about substance use, addiction, and recovery.

I’m now turning my attention more upstream to give parents an evidence-based alternative to antiquated “drug-free kids” resources. 

In Summer 2022, I'm launching my evidence-based series of on-demand online courses: RAISING RESILIENT AND ADDICTION-RESISTANT KIDS. 

Students enrolled in my courses will receive free access to these materials. 

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Academic Appointments

2017 – present Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, St. Edward’s University

2012 – 2017 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, St. Edward’s University

2009 – 2012 Instructor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

2007 – 2009 Teaching Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine

2007 – 2009 Clinical Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

2005 – 2006 Graduate Fellow and Instructor, Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University

Year Started


  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Rutgers University (2008)
  • M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Rutgers University (2005)
  • B.A. Hunter College of the City University of New York (2002)

Achievement & Involvement

Honors and Awards

Dr. Green has been interviewed in featured in various news publications including USA Today, MEL Magazine, and CBS Austin. She writes the Addiction and Relationships blog for Psychology Today and is the author of Relationships in Recovery: Repairing Damage and Building Healthy Connections While Overcoming Addiction (The Guilford Press, 2021).

You can find links to Dr. Green's projects and media appearances here. 

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Publications & Articles


Dr. Green writes the Addiction and Relationships blog for Psychology Today. 


*Identifies co-authors who were mentored students/trainees

Green, K.E. (expected publication release July 2021). Relationships in Recovery: Repairing Damage and Building Healthy Connections While Overcoming Addiction. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.

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