Inclusive Symbols and Actions Task Force

The Inclusive Symbols and Actions Task Force was formed in Spring 2024 and will run through the end of Spring 2025. The purpose of the group is to work closely with the university president to identify ways in which St. Edward's University can continue to visibly celebrate and uplift our vibrant and inclusive campus community.

The work of this task force is important to effectively carrying out the mission of St. Edward’s University. As we are called to educate the whole student and aid in their formation, inclusive symbols and spaces that represent the community that calls our campus home is imperative to help students, faculty, and staff feel supported and valued by the university. 

The task force will ensure that work aligns with current campus vibrancy efforts within the Vibrant and Inclusive Campus SP 2027 goal through coordinated efforts and representation on both committees. In addition, we will ensure that work on identified projects also aligns with the work and job functions of existing administrators and corresponding offices.

Current projects of the task force include:

  • Identifying additional symbols to include in the campus coffee shop
  • Progressing a name change process for all Hilltoppers
  • Developing a pilot for an inclusive themed housing community
  • Identifying other visible and physical ways to show campus inclusion
  • Developing more specific resource guides for campus community members

Questions about any of the projects? Please reach out to


Click here to see a list of faculty, staff, and students currently engaged in the task force. Please note: additional offices and students may be engaged in project work based on project needs.


Click here to offer feedback, wise words, or to ask questions of the task force. The form is checked at least once per week and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! We welcome all ideas and feedback.