Dr. John is Professor of Management in The Bill Munday School of Business. He earned his BBA in Management Science at University of New Mexico and his MBA and PhD in Operations Management at Indiana University. During his 25-plus years at St. Edward’s, he has taught a host of quantitatively oriented courses for undergraduates, master’s students in several different programs, and now doctoral candidates. His administrative roles at the University include graduate program director and department chairperson.

Dr. Loucks’ prior teaching experience includes positions at Bowling Green State University, Indiana University, Indiana/Purdue University at Indianapolis, and University of Texas at Austin. Before turning to an academic career, he worked in railroading, banking, and manufacturing, where he gained invaluable practical knowledge (and a greater appreciation for education).

When not in the classroom, Prof. Loucks has authored learning aids (e.g. study guides and workbooks) and research articles on a variety of topics (e.g. employee scheduling and supply chain management). He has been a trainer and consultant to organizations of all types on disciplines ranging from data analytics to quality assurance. He continues to devote his statistics and operations expertise to raising people’s awareness, appreciation and understanding of data analysis and its relevance to decision making.

Dr. John Loucks