Sara Gibson worked in the employee benefits arena for twenty years. She specialized in the tax and accounting aspects of retirement plans and worked in several venues such as bank trust departments and accounting firms including eight years with Ernst & Young. As a transition to a new career, she worked in the human resources department of an aerospace manufacturing firm. In addition to hiring, she did extensive management training as well as supporting management’s strategic planning efforts. In 2002, she returned to school to complete the transition from a business career to an academic career.

Sara completed her PhD in human and organizational systems in 2011. Her dissertation research focused on the psychology of adult learners and a group process known as Action Learning. Sara earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford University where she majored in economics, political science and psychology. She earned an MS in psychology from George Peabody College for Teachers, an MBA from Vanderbilt University, and an MA and PhD from Fielding Graduate University.

She has taught a number of university-level courses over the last several years including Career Development, Principles of Ethics, Human Resources Management, Building Ethical Organizations, Critical Thinking, Design and Delivery of Training, Strategic Planning, Adult Development, Organizational Communication, Global Ethics and Responsibility, Leadership and Team Development, and Creativity and Innovation.

Sara professes a passion for learning and teaching. She has two adult daughters and three grandchildren.

Sara Gibson