Please be informed we no longer accept candidates into the MLA degree program.

Effective Summer 2019, we will actively begin a teach-out of students who are still in the pipeline to complete the degree program. We anticipate that the teach-out will last approximately two years to allow those students who are taking only one course per semester to complete the degree in a timely manner. Students who are currently admitted and actively enrolled should confirm with their program advisor, Dr. Kris Sloan, that they are on track to graduate.

For those of students who have not attended within the last year or so, if still interested in completing this degree, we want to support our students in that effort. However, that will necessitate students reapply to the university, and meet with Dr. Sloan to plan your course sequence.

Please know we very much want to our students succeed. Because graduate coursework does not always transfer easily to another institution or to another program, for that matter, we urge students to seek out degree completion with us while there is still time. Questions or concerns about the degree closure itself may be directed to Dr. Bill McHenry. Please rely on Dr. Sloan for program information.

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