Game Day Tailgating Guidelines - Homecoming and Family Weekend 2020

The St. Edward’s Homecoming & Family Weekend Game Day Tailgating Guidelines are designed to ensure:

  • The safety, security, and well-being of all people associated with game day activities.
  • The comfort and enjoyment of Homecoming & Family Weekend patrons.
  • The safeguarding and preservation of all public property under the management of St. Edward’s University.

Tailgating Guidelines:

  1. Game Day Tailgating is open for guests and visitors on Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  
  2. The location for Game Day Tailgating is Parking Lot F, (Faculty Lot) which is the parking lot on the east side of the UFCU Alumni Gym on St. Edward’s University campus.  Parking Lot F is the only authorized location for tailgating.  
  3.  Set up for Game Day Tailgating in Lot F will open at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 15, 2020.  All vehicles must be removed from the parking lot prior to the start of Tailgating by 11:00 a.m.
  4.  Game Day Tailgating concludes at 4:00 p.m.. At 5:00 p.m., vehicles will be allowed back into Lot F. for break down.  All vehicles are required to be removed from Lot F by 6:30 p.m.
  5.  A tailgating permit is required for the Game Day Tailgating.  Permits will be distributed at the Game Day Tailgating check-in station by University staff.  A permit must be displayed at all times during Tailgating.  Any entity tailgating without a permit, or outside of the approved tailgating location, will be subject to removal from campus.  
  6. All guests on campus are required to comply with applicable University policies and rules as well as Federal and State of Texas laws and regulations.  Game Day Tailgating hosts are responsible for the distribution of alcoholic beverages within their tailgating area.  Distribution to minors and to persons who are already intoxicated is strictly prohibited. Hosts are encouraged to take all necessary precautions to avoid serving alcohol to a minor, including but not limited to, checking for identification.
  7.  Possession and consumption of alcohol on the property of St. Edward’s University, including its buildings, facilities, grounds and parking areas are subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Texas and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Subject to applicable law and university policy, alcohol consumption is permitted in the parking lot and official tailgating areas. You must be at least 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages on St. Edward’s University property. Attendees under the age of 21 consuming alcoholic beverages, those supplying alcohol to minors or those who engage in any action prohibited by university policy, state, and/or federal law related to alcohol consumption and distribution may be subject to disciplinary and/or criminal action in accordance with applicable university policy, state and/or federal law. In consideration of being allowed to engage in Game Day Tailgating activities, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless St. Edward’s University (“University”) as well as the University's governing board, departments, officers, employees, faculty members and representatives and agents, from any and all loss, damage, injury or liability to yourself or others as a result of, arising out of, or in any way related to, your tailgating activities, including, but not limited to, your consumption and/or distribution of alcohol. 
  8. Tailgaters consuming alcohol underage, displaying disruptive behavior or violating tailgate guidelines, will be removed from the tailgating areas and campus, if applicable. St. Edward's University encourages the responsible use of alcohol. Service and/or consumption of alcohol is to be complementary to an event, and under no circumstances should an event have the consumption of alcohol as its primary focus.  Students who are violating university alcohol policies will be removed from the Game Day Tailgating areas and are subject to further conduct review by the Dean of Students Office. Any patron escorted from the Game Day Tailgating areas by security and HFW staff, will be secured safe transportation to their residence. 
  9.  Kegs and other devices for large quantity consumption are not allowed. Drinking games and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol are prohibited.  
  10. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  11. Any St. Edward’s University affiliate office is required to have a valid TABC licensed server to distribute alcohol and verify government issued ID of guests.   
  12.  Tailgaters must be respectful of the rights of others in the area when listening to or playing music. The volume of music should be at a reasonable level so as to allow others in the area full enjoyment of the tailgating and other event activities.  Homecoming and Family Weekend staff reserves the right to manage participant volume throughout the tailgating area. Music must be turned off or kept at a low volume during game times.
  13. Glass bottles or containers are prohibited in University lots.
  14.  No open containers are permitted to leave the tailgating area.
  15. Solicitation and unauthorized distribution or sale of merchandise, food or beverages is strictly prohibited.  
  16. Police entities will patrol the Game Day Tailgating areas and enforce all applicable laws.
  17. The use of small grills (two feet in diameter or less) will only be permitted in the surface parking areas. Grills that use propane and charcoal must be a minimum of two feet above the parking surface. Hot grills must be attended at all times and may not be located in an area not readily accessible to the public.
  18. Charcoal must be completely extinguished with water (not provided by the university) prior to leaving the tailgate location. Discard all hot coals in the marked "Hot Coal" trash cans located throughout the parking lot. DO NOT DUMP HOT COALS ON THE GRASS, IN PARKING LOT OR IN STANDARD TRASH CANS.
  19. Portable electrical generators are permitted, but are discouraged. For temporary electrical needs, St. Edward’s University recommends the use of battery operated inverters that convert the battery current to house current. These recommended devices do not generate hazardous carbon monoxide emissions, do not require gasoline cans and resultant hazards, and do not create noise that is potentially damaging to hearing and a nuisance to fellow tailgaters. The operation of portable electrical generators that create excessive noise, emission hazards or other safety concerns will not be permitted.  Please refer to these acceptable extension cord guidelines
  20. St. Edward’s University does not provide electricity, water or any additional resources and supplies for Game Day Tailgating.
  21. Tents or other raised structures must have weights securely affixed to each canopy leg at all times, however tents or other structures cannot be secured directly into the ground or pavement.  Weights should be set up in a way to avoid injury to any person.
  22. Food trucks are not permitted.
  23. All tents, fixtures and furniture must be dismantled and secured when not attended.
  24. St. Edward's University is not responsible for any damage, theft, or other loss of personal property. Tailgaters and guests should take care to safeguard their personal property at all times.
  25. Guests are required to bag and dispose of all trash and recyclable products. Trash bags are not provided by the University.
  26.  University buildings and restrooms are available per each building's game day guidelines.
  27. Not complying with any or all of these guidelines could result in the loss of tailgating privileges for the day, and you will be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss caused by your actions or inactions.

Violation of any guidelines may result in removal from St. Edward's University grounds.  Failure to cooperate within the St. Edward's University Homecoming and Family Weekend guidelines, staff and security officials may result in the forfeiture of tailgating privileges without a refund.  St. Edward's University reserves the right to restrict or cancel tailgating at its discretion due to game time, weather conditions, and other extenuating circumstances.  St. Edward's University reserves the right to restrict any vehicle or person for reasons of safety.

Game Day Tailgating

Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020
noon– 4 p.m. 

Homecoming & Family Weekend 2020 is quickly approaching and now is the time to sign up for your Game Day Tailgating spot!  This year, Game Day Tailgating will take place in the UFCU Alumni Gym parking lot (Lot F).  Anyone can reserve a tailgate space to host their own gathering – families, class reunions, student groups, campus departments, parents and alumni!  

There are several reservation packages that you can choose from:

  • GOLD Package - 10’ x 20’ Tent, 4 Tables, and 10 Chairs (a $215 value)   $195
  • NAVY Package - 10’ x 10’ Tent, 2 Tables, and 6 Chairs (a $175 value)   $140        
  • RED Package - 10’ x 10’ Space (no tent)  $30

Prior to reserving your tailgate spot, you must read and agree to the St. Edward's University Tailgating Guidelines. Tent registration closes on Friday, Feb. 7. 

Tailgating Spot Reservation

For more information on tailgating during Homecoming & Family Weekend or if you have questions, contact Carey Mays,