Aug 15, 2017

Summer is our busiest time of the year. While most of our university community leave campus for a well-deserved break, we prepare upgrades, updates and rollouts of new functionality.

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Our goal is to minimize the disruption to your work during the semester, but we also realize there’s a lot to keep track of when you come back for the fall.

In that spirit, we've highlighted what has changed (and what will be changing) in campus technology for the upcoming semester. 

If you have any questions, we're only a support case away. 

For everyone …

Reminder: You’ve Moved to Gmail

Over the summer, we completed the migration of students, faculty and staff to Gmail. There are a few ways to check your new inbox, as well as your new Google Calendar:

  • Go to and type in your St. Edward’s username and password.
  • Go to and type in your St. Edward’s username and password.
  • Go to myHilltop and click the St. Edward’s Gmail task. Courses 

This fall, we're rolling out to students, faculty and staff. Everyone on campus can access Lynda's hundreds of online training courses, on topics ranging from Adobe Photoshop to web development to project management. Log in with your St. Edward's credentials at

Grouping Favorites in myHilltop

You have a new option when organizing your most-used items in myHilltop. Now, you can group favorited tasks into collections based on how you use them.

Updating Campus Computers to Windows 10

This summer, we deployed the Windows 10 operating system to all university computers, including campus labs and classrooms. Additionally, going forward, all new computers purchased for faculty and staff will be set up with Windows 10.

New Box Interface

Last fall, Box announced a new, more personalized user experience on the web. On Sept. 8, 2017, a year after the initial unveiling, Box has plans to discontinue its old look and feel.

On Sept. 8, your Box account will default to the new interface, without you having to take any action. If you want to try out the new experience prior to that date, you can do so now.

Activate the New Box


For students …

Online Transcripts 24/7

There are a few ways to get a copy of your transcript, whether digital or physical. By the end of August, through myHilltop, you'll be able to order a PDF version of your transcript and have it delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

For faculty …

New Features in Canvas

Canvas has been busy this summer, too. In June, Canvas released several new features, including updates to displaying announcements and improved content editing functionality.

In July, Canvas introduced a new time-saving ability: an option to duplicate assignments and pages.

Crocodoc Grading Replacement

Outside of those feature releases, you’ll notice another big change in Canvas this semester: the Canvas DocViewer. The DocViewer replaces the Crocodoc grading annotation tool.

All of the available annotation tools remain, but the interface has changed.

Canvas Teacher App

Canvas has released a new app, available for iOS and Android devices, that lets instructors manage their courses from their phones or tablets. This app replaces the previous SpeedGrader apps and provides easy access to grading and course content. We have more information on all its features on our Instructional Technology blog

Turnitin Interface Update

At the end of May, Turnitin overhauled its user interface to provide a more intuitive experience. Note: There is no impact on creating Turnitin assignments in Canvas.

Streamlined Grade Entry in Banner 9

The upgrade from Banner 8 to Banner 9 means a more user-friendly process for entering grades. Final grades will appear on one screen, with easy visibility, and you'll have the option to upload grades exported from somewhere like Canvas. Take a look for yourself through the task in myHilltop.

Classrooms Equipped for Recording

Finishing what we started with the Global Digital Classrooms in Munday Library, we've equipped nearly all classrooms with videoconferencing technology. You can use the in-room camera and microphone to record lectures or presentations, or you can connect to telecommuting students and guests.

Space for Faculty in Holy Cross Hall

With the completion of Holy Cross Hall renovations expected in November, we're gearing up for a big move. Our Instructional Technology staff will move from the Faculty Resource Center in Premont to a new, more flexible faculty hub space in Holy Cross.

Our hope is that not only will you still come see us for consultations, but also work collaboratively with us and your peers as we experiment with new technology.

For faculty and staff …

New Advising Dashboard in Banner 9

The advising experience has been simplified with the upgrade to Banner 9. The new advising dashboard pulls together all the student information you need in one place and provides easy access to all advising functions. The dashboard is available through myHilltop

Data Backups With CrashPlan

We’re implementing automated cloud backups for university-owned laptops and desktops. The service, CrashPlan, is easy to install and use and provides top-notch security through encryption.

We will coordinate with both faculty and staff members to install these backups, but actually, you can get started right now by installing CrashPlan on your computer.

Get CrashPlan for Mac

Get CrashPlan for PC

Data Encryption

Going forward, every device we issue to faculty or staff members will come encrypted. What does that mean for you? More peace of mind. Encryption protects data on the hard drive, so if a device is ever stolen, the thief in question won't be able to access the data.

This fall, we'll be working with departments and individuals to encrypt existing machines around campus.