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Topper Career Talks: Optimism, Wellness, and Tips for Your Career Search

Job searching can be a full-time pursuit and sometimes cause stress and anxiety. Writing resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing, being rejected—it can be grueling and challenging to stay optimistic when you’re job searching. In this installment of Topper Career Talks, our wellness experts share tips and valuable advice on how you can maintain your mental well-being while searching for your next career move. Joining the CAPD Career Coaches are Lauren Cohen, LCSW - Owner/Therapist at Hope and Humor Therapy, LLC and Elizabeth Navarro-Berrocal, LPC, NCC, EMDR Therapist - Owner: Center for Women and Family Mental Health Services (0:57:16 running time)

Women's Philanthropy Initiative: A Conversation with Ellie Ghaznavi '89 and Simone Flowers '91

On December 21, 2020, Anne Westdyke, Director of Development, sat down with Ellie Ghaznavi '89 and Simone Flowers '91 about their reason for giving, and why Philanthropy is so important to each of them. (0:12:22 running time)

73 Questions with Br. Larry Atkinson, CSC, '70

On Founders Day, we celebrate the origins of our Catholic, Holy Cross mission and the ways we carry it forward. We've invited Br. Larry to talk about life, service, St. Edward's, and everything in between. (0:12:51 running time)

Hilltop Learning Series: Yoga with Lindsey Taucher '94

Lindsey Taucher '94 leads a mindful yoga session including several different styles. To prepare, you'll need to have: yoga mat or large towel, strap or belt block or a few books to stack, yoga blanket or folded towel or pillow that can be rolled/folded.

This one-hour yoga session will allow you to tune into your mind and body. Try to find a space in your home that will allow you to focus as much as possible, ideally with a space that allows you to do a snow angel on the floor.(0:59:23 running time)

De-stress at Your Desk

RecWell presents 4 easy yoga moves that can be done at work or home to de-stress and help prevent the effects of long term sitting. (0:0:44 running time)