Thank you for Loving Blue, and Giving Gold

Love Blue Give Gold 2022 is in the books! Thanks so much to everyone who gave their Time, Talent, and Treasure to this great cause. #LBGG #TopperPride

Morning Reflection with Fr. Peter Walsh, CSC

Start your day with grace and gratitude alongside Father Peter Walsh, CSC with a virtual morning reflection in honor of Love Blue Give Gold.

Love Blue Give Gold - Launch!

Join us for Love Blue Give Gold 2022! 

March 23 & 24

Campus Tour

Students lead you through a campus tour of St. Edward's University, highlighting all of the great improvements made possible by support from alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the university. (0:12:06 running time)



Our Holy Cross Heritage

Enjoy a presentation on the History of Holy Cross Mission and Values at St. Edward's University.  Your presenters are Father Peter Walsh, CSC, Director of Campus Ministry; Brother Larry Atkinson, CSC '70, Retired Campus Ministry Staff Member; and Dr. Marco Clark, Executive Director of the Holy Cross Institute. (1:03:25 running time)