Apr. 6, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas— Campus Community,

The second week of online instruction brings the opportunity to step away from work and assignments for a few days in celebration of Easter. Many of you are distanced from family and friends who would normally join you in gatherings, but even in these difficult and uncertain circumstances, we hope you will take time to connect and draw support from your loved ones.

The Easter break may provide students with time to think about plans for the Summer semester. Registration is already underway and we want to ensure students have necessary details to make informed choices for their academic goals. In order to continue protecting the health and safety of our campus community, the university is extending remote instruction through the Summer semester. The university’s leadership continues to follow local and national health recommendations and monitor this developing situation.

Summer Semester Courses via Remote Instruction

All course work during the Summer 2020 semester will continue to be delivered via remote instruction, including research and other experiential learning opportunities. Deans and faculty members are working tirelessly to provide students with the best online experience possible.

At this time, there are no plans to extend the temporarily expanded "Pass/No Pass" policy into the summer semester.  However, the deans, faculty, and provost will continue to monitor progress in remote instruction courses and update academic policies as necessary. [This FAQ addresses specific questions about the Summer semester]

Summer Housing

Housing is closed for students and summer conference use. As needed, emergency housing extensions have been provided on a case-by-case basis.

Summer Experiential Learning

All experiential learning classes and internships will take place remotely. Summer for-credit internships will be limited. If students are planning a for-credit internship with an organization other than the university, they should work with faculty members to communicate the remote requirements to offsite supervisors.

Summer Study Abroad and Other Travel

All study abroad programs have been canceled for the summer, including service projects and mission trips.

Summer Orientation for New Undergraduates

In an effort to limit personal interactions on campus and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will offer a series of online orientations during the summer. Orientation leaders should work with their supervisor to continue to plan for summer orientation duties.

Our prayers for peace and health go out to each of you and your families during this Easter season.