Jul. 8, 2014

St. Edward’s University Honors Five Faculty Members for Their Excellence in Teaching

AUSTIN, Texas - Given annually, teaching excellence awards at St. Edward's University honor faculty members for their exceptional talents and dedication to promoting learning in meaningful, engaging and innovative ways. Candidates are evaluated by their peers and chosen based on their course offerings, curricular designs, instructional methods, classroom performances and interactions with students.

Four teaching excellence awards are given annually to five faculty members:

  • The Distinguished Teaching Career Award is given to one faculty member with the rank of full professor, who has taught at St. Edward's for at least 15 years and has taught at least 50 classes representing four different courses.
  • The Distinguished Teaching Award is given to two contract faculty members
  • The Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award is given to one adjunct faculty member.
  • The Delayne Hudspeth Award for Innovative Instruction honors a faculty member who has designed an innovative course project or teaching method.

The 2013–2014 award recipients are:

Stanley C. Irvin, School of Humanities, Distinguished Teaching Career Award

“The Distinguished Career Award is, for me, confirmation that a career-long commitment to teaching is still greatly valued at St. Edward's University in all fields of study, including the visual arts,” said Stanly Irvin, professor of Art. “Over the years, I have tried to teach by demonstrating to students the endless potential for self expression, as well as self discovery, inherent in clay as an expressive medium. I don't think it is necessary to be an art major to appreciate how important it is to pursue work that one loves to do.  It has always seemed a natural thing to combine that love with teaching.”

Headshot of Stanley C. Irvin, School of Humanities.

Hollis Hammonds, School of Humanities, Distinguished Teaching Award

“It is very flattering to win the St. Edward's teaching award, and it is a great honor to be recognized by my peers,” said Hollis Hammonds, associate professor of Art.  “At some point in undergraduate school, and through the encouragement of a great faculty mentor, I just knew that I would love teaching at the college level. Engaging with students on a daily basis is very rewarding for me, but this award makes it even sweeter.”

Headshot of Hollis Hammonds, School of Humanities.

Todd Onderdonk, University Programs, Distinguished Teaching Award

“The award means so much to me. The process is such a long and rigorous one, and so many innovative, dedicated colleagues are nominated,” said Todd Onderdonk, associate professor of University Programs. “As someone who teaches only demanding "Mission courses" like Cultural Foundations classes and Capstone, I am proud that teaching in the field of general education is being recognized by my peers around the university. I feel these classes, and the Holy Cross values that inform our mission, are so important to what makes a St. Edward's education a distinctive and humane one.”

Headshot of Todd Onderdonk, University Programs.

Grant Potts, University Programs, Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award

"It is great to have St. Edward's University, as an institution, recognize the work that adjunct faculty members put in every day to educate their students.  I know a lot of labor goes into deciding who wins these teaching awards, and it warms me to know that so many individuals were willing to put time and effort into the process for me,” said Grant Potts, associate professor of University Programs. “I feel truly thanked by St. Edward's for the time and effort I give my students. It has certainly been its own reward and delight to have the opportunity to work with the such engaged, intelligent students as we have at this school."

Steven S.W. Fletcher, School of Education, Hudspeth Award for Innovative Instruction

“Receiving the 2014 Hudspeth Award has been a wonderful way to celebrate the excellent work that our students do as they grapple with what it means to teach in today's schools,” said Steven S.W. Fletcher, associate professor of Secondary Education. “Their courage and willingness to critically examine their developing teaching skills reflects not just my work with them but the way in which St. Edward's University approaches a liberal education. I am thrilled to accept the award knowing this.”

Headshot of Steven S.W. Fletcher.