Jan 27, 2014

Stan Horner, PhD, and St. Edward's University MBA Program Honored by Austin Chamber of Commerce

Associate Professor Stan Horner, PhD, program director for the St. Edward’s University Master of Business Administration program within the School of Management and Business, has received the Small Business Volunteer of the Year award from the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Horner will accept the award as the Small Business Volunteer of the Year for 2013 at the136th Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Wednesday, Jan. 29.  Horner helps lead the St. Edward’s MBA program’s work with small businesses in Austin. He has been working with the Austin Chamber of Commerce since 2010 to offer free business consulting services, provided by MBA students at St. Edward’s, to Austin-area small businesses.

Over the years, the St. Edward’s University MBA program has worked with hundreds of small businesses in Austin, and more than 60 have been affiliated directly with the Austin Chamber of Commerce.  During the final semester of their MBA coursework, students work on a Capstone project that combines knowledge and skills learned throughout the program. These projects involve an intense, in-depth analysis of a strategic management problem presented to the university by a business, nonprofit or governmental agency.

Teams of three to five students work on the projects. They consult with their client, conduct research and provide a detailed report and presentation to the organization based on their findings and recommendations for solutions. Past Capstone projects have included developing an expansion plan for an after-school program for low-income children in Texas, producing a feasibility study for a new medical device and proposing new product ideas for a major corporation.

There is no charge to the organization for their participation in the St. Edward’s Capstone program, but some do make a contribution to the university’s scholarship fund.

More information on the St. Edward’s University Master of Business Administration program can be found here.