Feb 15, 2015

The cover of the winter issue of St. Edward’s University Magazine was the subject of a fair amount of debate in our editorial offices.

Does it tell a compelling story? Would it make you open the magazine? Does it connect our readers to the university?

We asked all of the questions you’re supposed to ask when selecting a cover, but it really came down to whether the image of the chapel was enough. Exciting enough. Unexpected enough. Powerful enough.

We went back and forth so many times.

The stand-alone image of the simple white clapboard chapel isn’t fancy. It’s not grand. But it’s ours. By putting it on the cover, we hope it tells you something about St. Edward’s University and the values it holds true. We hope it floods you with memories of what the building meant to you as a student.

Most of all, we hope it makes you open up the magazine to get an up-close look at the extensive chapel renovation project.

Beyond the chapel piece, one of my favorite stories this issue is about the day a group of freshmen met Brother Ronald Drahozal, CSC, ’61, the executive director of a drug rehabilitation center in Bangladesh. They really didn’t want to go, and then something amazing happened. On the lighter side, we posed 122 questions to a mix of students, recent alumni and the professor who ties them together to try to get a sense of the St. Edward’s experience.

In our web extras, we have an extension of that story with our “27 Questions” video series. We cornered two faculty members and two students and asked them a series of rapid-fire questions. We also continue our “Summer Scholars” video series with the addition of two videos of students connecting their academic passions with cars, cows and other everyday (and some not so everyday) things.


Frannie Schneider

P.S. If you don’t want to wait for your print issue, you can read the magazine online here.