May. 9, 2018

Douglas Brinkley, a teaching innovator and bestselling author, will receive an honorary degree and serve as principal speaker at the 2018 commencement ceremony at St. Edward’s University.

Brinkley was selected because his contagious enthusiasm for history and the humanities embodies the St. Edward’s mission of helping students develop critical and creative thinking skills and become lifelong learners. 

After earning his doctorate from Georgetown University, Brinkley went on to teach at institutions of higher learning including Hofstra University, the University of New Orleans, Tulane University and Rice University, where he was a fellow at the Baker Institute for Public Policy and has been a professor of history since 2007. 

One of Brinkley’s most creative teaching innovations was his 1992 “American Odyssey” course. He packed 17 Hofstra University students into a sleeper bus for a six-week, cross-country trip to study history and literature lessons specific to different regions of the country: William Faulkner in Mississippi, Hunter S. Tompson in Las Vegas, and John Steinbeck and Jack London in California.

Douglas Brinkley