Our MBA candidates are prepared to collaborate and deliver you creative solutions to current relevant business challenges! St.Edward’s MBA teams have conducted projects for hundreds of local (Local Application) and international businesses (Global Application), offering industry and market research insights, fresh ideas, and actionable recommendations. This is your opportunity to access strong talent and a potential hiring pool!

Working with our students on projects has three main benefits:

  1. We tackle projects or explore ideas you aren’t able to resource
  2. You get to see our students in action, which helps you find proven talent to join your organization
  3. In almost all cases, projects are overseen by experienced professionals with a track record of success

How it works:

Student teams are ready to take on seven weeks-long projects for small, local businesses and national, international and publicly traded companies - as well as everything in between. The nature of your project drives who at the MBA program can help you move forward.
Our students provide consulting in the areas of, marketing, startup businesses, strategy,
operation, supply chain, entrepreneurship, human resources and international

Interested, please fill the MBA Consulting Project Application for US/Canadian companies and for International companies. Please download and submit to aswid@stedwards.edu