MKTG 6320 Digital Marketing Fundamentals 

The course provides a strategic marketing foundation for understanding the principles of digital marketing and analytics, including the process of aligning digital marketing techniques to marketing strategy and to overall organizational strategy, and assessing the ROI of marketing initiatives on the overall strategy and financial outlook of an organization. The course includes managing the processes for search, social media, email and content marketing. Throughout, metrics and analytics for driving marketing success will be emphasized. Students will practice digital marketing skills through assignments such as a simulation and a class project. 

MKTG 6322 Marketing Data Analytics 

Students will learn the principles of managing a marketing database and the benefits of “big data” versus “small data” or “broad data.” Using case studies and materials from pioneers in the field of data analytics, students will learn how to evaluate, distill, manage, and present information from customer data sets from the perspective of corporate management and strategic decision-making focusing on descriptive statistics and linear regression. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320 

MKTG 6330 Social Media Marketing 

This course focuses on brand management with social media. In this course, students will learn how to manage a brand on social media and how to create a social media strategy and campaign with a focus on analytics. The theoretical framework proposed for social media will guide students through tactical implications. Students will learn to utilize social media frameworks to leverage tactics and content for social media marketing in a specific industry. Topics discussed include: the importance of influencers, the benefits of listening, customer personas, privacy, determining which analytics are important, how to track them, and defining and measuring success. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320 

MKTG 6332 Buyer Behavior Analysis 

This course is designed to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of buyer behavior in consumer and business markets. Course material will focus on current application of buyer behavior and marketing strategy within the marketing discipline. Students will be expected to completely understand how to use current digital marketing analysis tools to develop insights into consumer behavior. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320, MKTG 6322 

MKTG 6334 Marketing Tools and Technologies 

The course is an introduction to business functions using digital marketing technology such as Tableau and HTML and information systems such as CRM and Demand Generation Systems. Topics include the different functions and applications of digital technologies and how these technologies have changed business and consumer practice and impacted the process of business management. Emphasis is on the use of digital technology, the impact of artificial intelligence in a company’s existing market mix, and current and potential uses of these technologies for marketing tactics and strategies. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320 

MKTG 6336 Marketing Metrics and Analytics 

Marketing analytics is a broad and multidimensional field that employs many techniques to find meaningful patterns within data and facilitate its transformation into actionable information. This course will explore the concepts and tools to manage and utilize a market information system in the context of the online analysis of the information available from various digital marketing analysis tools. Certification in web analytics tools will be covered as applicable. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320 

MKTG 6338 Customer Experience Marketing 

This course focuses on managing all aspects of the customer experience in both the consumer and business marketing contexts using portfolio and life cycle analysis as its organizing frameworks. Topics covered include: B2B demand generation, content marketing, CRM, and multi-channel marketing. Software related to the management of the customer life cycle will be utilized. Appropriate tools will be integrated into the course material. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320

MKTG 6342 Social Media Analytics 

Social media analytics focuses on the application of social networking tools and methods in the marketing of digital media enterprises and the related analytical tools available to measure the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of web-based programs. The main emphasis will be on the use of social networks and the use of web analytics tools. The goal of this course is to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of the application of social networks and web-based analytics as business tools for the digital enterprise. Prerequisites: MKTG 6320, MKTG 6330 

MKTG 6344 Model Building and Analysis 

Advanced model building covering such topics as segmentation and clustering, social sentiment analysis and logistic regression for response modeling. Focus will be on using current technology to build and compare models. Topics such as lifts, gains and other marketing outcomes will be emphasized. The impact of artificial intelligence and other relevant technologies on model development will be explored. Prerequisite: MKTG 6320, MKTG 6322 

MKTG 6350 Managing the Digital Marketing Organization 

The course is a culminating experience that focuses on the organizational and managerial challenges in implementing the analytics-based organization. Emphasis is on how to organize for big data and data analysis, use customer lifecycle analysis for resource allocation and KPI analysis in the marketing context. As a test case, students will learn how to plan, implement and measure the results of an integrated digital marketing campaign using commercially available software. Prerequisites: MKTG 6330, MKTG 6320