Headshot of Sarah Glenn with her mother, Meg Glenn, and father.

Becoming a Leader

“Sara really desired the intimacy of a smaller university, and as soon as she toured St. Edward’s, she knew she’d found her home. She has had countless opportunities for leadership including Hilltop Leaders, planning and organizing campus events, serving as a tour guide and tour guide director, and studying in Japan for a summer through an exchange program. She has learned to manage her time to balance her academics and her very busy campus life. It has been a joy to see her mature and become a leader. The St. Edward’s experience is unique and fulfilling. The faculty has time for your son or daughter and enjoys getting to know them as individuals. That is truly the gift of St. Edward’s.”
— Meg Glenn, mother of Sara Glenn ’14

Headshot of Octavio Sanchez Jr. with his father, Octavio Sr., and mother, Celina Sanchez.

Pursuing His Dreams

“At St. Edward’s, Octavio has followed his dream, majoring in Political Science and expanding on his education with internships and access to real world experience in his field of study. His leadership skills have grown tremendously, and we could not be any prouder of his accomplishments. The clubs and organizations he has been involved in truly helped him be more unified with the university and succeed.”
— Octavio Sr. and Celina Sanchez, parents of Octavio Sanchez Jr. '14, student body president for 2013–2014

Willa Goldberg with her father, Gary Goldberg, and mother.

Empowered and Transformed

“St. Edward’s is a perfect fit for Willa, and she has been empowered by the experience. She had a transformative semester abroad in South Africa, is active with the swim team and gained supervisory skills as a resident assistant. At first, I had concerns about our daughter attending a Catholic university because we are not Catholic, but this has not been an issue at all. Instead, it has been a plus; the school’s emphasis on public service and educating the mind and the heart has been a real learning experience for our daughter.”
— Gary Goldberg, father of Willa Goldberg ’15

Headshot of Matthew Nunez with his mother, Kristen Nunez.

Embracing His Faith

“Matthew has expanded and expressed his faith through retreats, service projects and a mission trip. Further, he has been exposed to students who are highly diverse, including men and women from all over the world. In short, his world has expanded and he’s learned to adapt to different cultures and ideas. St. Edward’s provides a nurturing and faith-centric environment that gives students the tools to succeed and thrive. There is a level of personal attention that cannot be found at larger schools.”
— Kristen Nunez, mother of Matthew Nunez ’16

Headshot of Diana Lopez with her mother, Diana Tenorio.

Global Opportunities

“The professors motivated Diana to take advantage of the university’s international studies programs. She was fortunate to study a semester in New Zealand and visit Japan for a week of business education and cultural activities during her undergraduate program, as well as now earning a dual master’s degree from the U.S. and France. These opportunities have benefited her immensely academically, professionally and spiritually, and as an overall person. Sending my daughter to St. Edward’s is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
— Diana Tenorio, mother of Diana Lopez ’12, PSMEMS ’16