Aug. 15, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas — St. Edward’s University launched two new majors this fall aimed at bringing a bachelor’s degree within reach of re-entering students, working professionals, and transfer students.

The university is working to meet the needs of re-entering students (individuals who have stopped out of their education for a time and go back) and transferring students who want to complete their four-year degrees to move up in their careers and expand their career pathways. Nationally, there’s a pool of 39 million individuals holding onto college credits, including 3.1 million new individuals since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is a gap in completion, according to University Business.

Along with transfer and re-entering students, there are many working individuals with associate degrees who want to maximize their investment in education by earning a bachelor’s degree. At the same time, there are challenges to going back to college, including balancing work and families, and financial obstacles.

With an eye on making education more attainable for all students, St. Edward’s is introducing two new majors — The Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Leadership and Social Justice (BLA) and the Bachelor of Arts in Health Systems and Administration (HSA). The BLA offers flexibility and online courses, while the HSA enables associate degree holders to apply health sciences credits toward their bachelor’s degree for a more seamless student experience.

In keeping with the Holy Cross mission of St. Edward’s, both degree programs will prepare students to become professionals who approach issues from an equity and social justice perspective.

Here’s more about each new major: 

Flexible, Online and Part-time

Housed in the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Leadership and Social Justice was designed to support emerging leaders in a range of fields that impact social justice issues. 

The BLA in Leadership and Social Justice prepares students to lead social improvement efforts and work with social justice-focused organizations in roles including diversity officer, nonprofit leader, fundraiser, and community organizer. 

The online, part-time format of this program provides flexibility for working adults and transfer students seeking to complete their undergraduate degrees, as well as for current undergraduate juniors or seniors looking to change their major or career path.

Working Health Care Professionals

Meanwhile, the cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Health Systems and Administration provides working professionals in health fields an opportunity to complete a meaningful, career-relevant bachelor’s degree that prepares them for leadership roles and career advancement in a high-demand field.

The degree is designed for working professionals in healthcare fields; those with associate degrees or prior healthcare training are best suited for this major. For those already holding associate degrees, up to 66 credits of the associate degree for a health sciences program may transfer into the Health Systems and Administration program, potentially shortening the time and cost of the degree.

The job outlook for health professionals is strong over the next decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 32% growth in employment of medical and health services managers through 2030. 

Health Systems and Administration majors can look forward to a variety of career paths, including medical health services director, medical clinic director, medical systems administrator and medical operations manager.

In-depth Support

In addition to degree programs that appeal to re-entering, working adults and transfer students, St. Edward’s provides wrap-around support including assistance with financial aid, and success coaches dedicated to supporting students as they attain their educational goals and design their personalized, rich educational experience including service opportunities, hands-on learning and internships. 


For more information on these and other degree options, visit the majors, minors and certificates page.