Add a Global Understanding Certificate to your degree program.

The Global Understanding Certificate provides students with the opportunity to increase their understanding of global processes and document their learnings.

Students who wish to graduate with a Global Understanding Certification must complete a series of five general education courses in which they learn, practice, and demonstrate competence in global politics, global economics, and cultural elements in a global world. They must also develop intercultural communication and foreign language skills and have global experiences at St. Edward's University and abroad.


Complete the following five general education courses:

  • CULF 1318-GU: Global Literature and the Human Experience
  • CULF 1319-GU: Global Understanding and Appreciating the Arts
  • CULF 3330: History and Evolution of Global Processes
  • CULF 3331: Contemporary World Issues
  • RELS: a world religions course, students can choose from several available

Demonstrate facility in global communication:

  • Demonstrate intermediate proficiency in a non-English language
  • Complete COMM 3344 Communication and Culture (or equivalent)

Demonstrate global experience:

  • Demonstrate significant global experience in co-curricular activities
  • Participate in a study abroad program

Demonstrate global understanding by choosing a global issue:

  • CAPS 4360: Capstone Course in either a Global Understanding section or a global topic


Students who successfully complete the Global Understanding Certification requirements will have their academic transcripts annotated as having graduated with the Global Understanding Certification and their accompanying co-curricular transcript will reflect their global experiences. They will also receive a special certificate acknowledging their completion of the Global Understanding Certification Program at St. Edward's University.

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Dr. William Nichols
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