The St. Edward's website redesign continues after the end of the Spring 2024 semester. In June, we’ll start building the new website in a process that will last through early August. Here's what content owners should expect.

Content Freeze

On May 31, we will freeze all content on our current website as we begin the final preparations for content migration to the new website. Please make any changes you need to your content before May 31. Content will be frozen until the new site launches on August 9.

Need Help?

If you need assistance updating web content, please contact us through our Web Help Request Form. We can help you make changes to your content or document changes to be made after your content is migrated to the new website. Minor changes will be accommodated on an emergency basis during the content freeze. But in most cases, you should plan for your site's content to remain static from June 1 through August 9.


CMS Training begins in August 2024 and will be required for all CMS users. We will plan multiple in-person and remote training opportunities for staff and faculty and regular web office hours for individual instruction and troubleshooting.

We'll touch base with many of you in June and July as your site sections are built out. At that time, we can facilitate website content change requests that can be prepared and go live when the new site launches. We will also have a form available for submitting website requests in the brief period after the site launches but before training occurs. This period should only last a few weeks at most.

Redesign Overview

In late April, the Marketing Office presented an update on the progress of the Web Redesign project. 

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