We asked residents assistants (RAs) what they wished they had known as new college students. There were many answers, but here are some of our favorites.

Three students standing together


“Procrastination is not an option. You may get away with it a couple of times, but to truly be successful, you must work hard and be dedicated.”

Tip: To avoid last-minute preparation for a test or assignment, purchase a planner to stay organized, or build a Google calendar to display upcoming assignments and tests. These will keep you accountable for everything that’s coming up. Your success coach can help with other tips, too.

 Support for Success 

“I wish I had known how to navigate through the university’s academic resources in more efficient ways.”

Tip: It all starts with your success coach. They will connect you to career resources, academic counseling, financial assistance and study abroad info. They’ll also let you know about upcoming events like internship fairs and other programs that support your interests and goals. Read about your team.

Clubs, Activities and Organizations

“I wish I knew that every resource on campus is accessible to students. I thought that my only resource was my academic advisor.”

Tip: Join clubs and organizations that connect with your interests. You’ll expand your network and meet people who have similar interests to you. This is one of the most important things you can do your freshman year!

Reflecting on Hilltop Experience  

“As a college freshman, I wish I stopped every once and awhile to really take in the life-shaping moments happening before me. I wish I knew that so much of the experiences I had would become a part of what makes this university my home.”

Tip: There are a couple of amazing places to reflect on the hilltop. Sit outside the red doors and take an opportunity to see the beautiful cityscape. Sorin Oak is another great area to sit down and reflect on the friends you’ve made, classes you’ve taken and the fun times you’ve had on campus.

Austin Popa ’19 graduated with a Marketing degree from St. Edward's. His favorite memory about living on campus is meeting new people in the university community.