St. Edward’s is founded on the idea that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a quality Holy Cross education no matter their background. Nearly 145 years later, that idea is still at the heart of what we do on the hilltop day to day.


We joined our peers in supporting efforts to double the federal Pell Grant program, which provides need-based grants for students, by the program’s 50th anniversary in June 2022. 

Each year, the Pell program makes higher education possible for nearly 7 million low- and moderate-income students. Nearly 98% of Pell grant dollars go to students with a family income below $50,000. 


We offer a personalized approach to financing students’ educational goals. Individual counselors work with students throughout their time at St. Edward’s and beyond.


Financial aid counselors work to keep students receiving the same amount of institutional funds annually, so they can have greater stability year to year. 97% of our first-year undergraduate students receive merit scholarships and/or grants from St. Edward’s. We offer generous academic scholarships to our first-year students — up to $28,000 a year.

success coach and student


Our financial aid counselors volunteer with the Austin Chamber of Commerce, hosting FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) nights and workshops with local high schools. 


Our financial aid counselors host webinars with current students on the subject of student debt alleviation, among other topics of financial wellness. Financial literacy is an important part of the university's LiveWellSEU initiative. 


We support first-generation students— as exemplified by First-Gen Scholars Week and the First Generation Scholars student group.


In 2022, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of CAMP, a federal program for migrant students. St. Edward’s has the longest running CAMP programs and the only one that offers support, mentorship and resources for all four years of college. 

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As soon as students apply to St. Edward’s, they become plugged into a caring community with resources that bolster their academic achievements, physical and mental health and financial wellbeing. Whether it’s student success coaches, our Live Well SEU initiatives, financial aid counselors or Hilltopper emergency resources, we are a tight-knit community focused on uplifting and supporting our students to ensure their success.


We provide helpful financial aid tools for the college search that show how to determine the affordability of colleges by comparing the “sticker price” versus the “net price” for each school. Very often, St. Edward’s is much more affordable than students and their parents realize. They can see their real bottom line for college in just minutes by viewing our "How to Calculate Scholarships and Tuition" video (seen on this page) and using our Net Price Calculator