Virtual visits, webinars and Instagram can show you a lot about a university. But every college has campus secrets that you learn during a campus tour or from current students. We rounded up some of our best study spots, traditions and unique features only on the hilltop! If you want the full experience, sign up for an on-campus tour or a personalized visit!


Skylines and Selfies

1. The best view of the Austin skyline is from the steps of Main Building.

2. But the best air-conditioned view of downtown is from the third floor of Fleck Hall. The bathrooms there also have the best selfie lighting.


Global and Green

3. The John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center is home to two transgenic rooftop greenhouses for studying plant growth.

4. The hydroponic farm stands in between John Brooks Williams North and South grow all kinds of herbs and greens.

5. Enjoy campus community and stewardship at garden socials by lending a helping hand to the Campus Community Garden and reward yourself with a s'more!

6. Bon Appetit, our food-service provider, sources as much food as possible from within a 150-mile radius of campus, to reduce its carbon footprint.

7. Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, the hilltop is a bluebonnet oasis come springtime. If you want to shoot some photos or bask in the beauty of the Texas State Flower, visit the bottom of the hill near the Main Building. The field between Fleck Hall and Congress Avenue has the most flowers; and later into the season, you can capture the bluebonnets and the skyline in one shot!

8. Take a step off campus and walk through the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve right behind campus. The 40-acre preserve features a stream along the trails and a volcano overlook!


Traditions, Big and Small

9. At Hillfest, the giant carnival at the start of school, you can meet the goat mascot of St. Edward’s. We're not talking about Topper, played by a cheerful Hilltopper, but an actual goat. She lives on a farm nearby, her name is Kelly, and she's the great-granddaughter of the original goat mascot, Pax.

10. The red doors of Main Building are a great photo op during a campus visit. They’re also part of the Legacy Walk, a university tradition. After the Medallion Ceremony at the start of your freshman year, you’ll walk with your class up the stairs, through the doors and into the heart of campus to mark your entrance into the St. Edward’s community. At the end of your senior year, you and your class will walk out the red doors and onto the front lawn.


Study Spots, Snacks and De-stressors

11. Reflect in the All-Faiths Claire Kolodzey Memorial Garden next to the chapel and focus next door in Campus Ministry's quiet, cozy lounge.

12. Read a book or get some work done under the shade of Sorin Oak, a 250-300-year-old tree. It's also said that the wifi near Sorin Oak is pretty strong.

BONUS: Recharge with a nap! Visit the Recreation and Wellness Center at the RAC and rest for 20 minutes in one of the nap pods. You can even get comfortable with a blanket, pillow, and relaxing lighting


Find out more fun and interesting things about St. Edward’s when you visit the hilltop.