The St. Edward’s University MBA degree culminates in a Capstone course, in which students work in a team to complete a management consulting project for a real company. Students can choose a Capstone option in Texas or go abroad with the global Capstone course.

The Spring 2019 global capstone course worked with companies based in Berlin. In March, the students traveled to Germany to meet face-to-face with their clients, which included an international travel company, a marketer of new food products and a humanitarian group helping refugees plan for their eventual return home. Here's a snapshot of their Capstone experience.

MBA students meet with Foodbuzz client in Berlin office setting.
MBA student team walks to lunch in downtown Berlin.

A team spends a busy morning working with FoodBuzz — a startup that markets niche food products — then heads out for a lunch break before returning to work with the client.

MBA student team pauses to view a section of the Berlin wall.

The team working with Pointers International, a travel company that helps tourists find destinations off the beaten path, pauses in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz.

Professor and MBA students pose for photo in Berlin plaza.

On their walk to lunch, Assistant Professor of Management John Mueller and the team working with the International Sustainable Impact Cooperation pause for a photo in Potsdamer Platz.

MBA students meet to with members of the International Sustainable Impact Cooperation in Berlin.

The team consulting for International Sustainable Impact Cooperation meets with ISI members in a Berlin hotel that has been repurposed as housing for refugees. The ISI project focused on strategies to help Afghan refugees who have come to Germany eventually return to their home country.

Colorful Post-It Notes are lined up on a window.
MBA student places Post-It Notes on a window to organize a project.

The team working with travel company Pointers International brainstormed places in the U.S. that Germans might want to visit — beyond popular destinations like New York City and Disney World.

MBA students and professor confer over lunch in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin.

The ISI team and Assistant Professor of Management John Mueller confer over lunch in a restaurant in Potsdamer Platz, a part of the city that was completely rebuilt after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The building with the restaurant was constructed over the site of the wall, and a line on the floor shows where the wall used to stand.

MBA students examine Foodbuzz packaged products during a client meeting.
Foodbuzz products fill a conference table as MBA student records notes on her iPad.

Members of the FoodBuzz team examine product packaging and taste-test products, like cold-brew coffee and a chia drink, that their client may introduce to the market. 

MBA students share notes and study a map as they collaborate on a project.

Team members collaborating with Pointers International take a look at lesser-known travel destinations in the Balkins.