What makes classes at St. Edward’s University special?

It’s the professors. 

They are passionate about the subjects they teach. They’re experts in their fields. But most importantly, they’re committed to student learning and success. 

Listen to season 2 of our mini-podcast series, SEU to You, in which professors go behind the scenes of some of the classes they’re teaching for Spring 2021. And even if your exact courses or major aren't highlighted, you’ll still get a glimpse of how professors inspire, encourage and challenge their students.

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Episode 1: Jessica Boyette-Davis

Episode 2: Andrea Chambers

Episode 3: Laurie Cook Heffron

Episode 4: Natalie Beck

Episode 5: Lisa Holleran

Episode 6: Kelley Coblentz Bautch

Episode 7: Cara Firestone and Susan Finnigan

Episode 8: Susan Branch Towne

Episode 9: Jack Musselman

Episode 10: Andrea Ariel

Episode 11: Michelle Robertson

Episode 12: Bilal Shebaro