Earning an MBA can transform your professional future. Yet going back to school requires a significant investment of time. Working professionals’ schedules have always been stretched, and that’s especially true these days.

Fortunately, St. Edward’s has designed flexible graduate programs with busy people in mind. A few of our graduates weighed in about how they managed it all:

“One of the main reasons I chose St. Edward’s was the flexibility. Because our in-person class meetings were on the weekends, and we had online classes between those meetings, I was able to keep working full time. Plus, I was able to apply what I learned on the job immediately. For one of my assignments I created an app to motivate the three groups I managed at work – and it ended up transforming my teams’ attitude and performance.”—Ron Chatterjee MBA ’19

“I earned my MBA at St. Edward’s to better position myself for returning to the corporate world after ten years as a full-time mom. I started school when my youngest went into kindergarten, and at that point I was still the primary parent for threeTK kids. It was incredibly helpful that my classes were mainly online, with a few in-person meetings on the weekend. I studied while the kids were in school or at soccer practice, and my classes were often after the kids were in bed. After graduation I was able to get back on the project management career path I’d left, with the help of a classmate who supported me through the hiring process at her company.” —Lynda Quintana MBA ’18

"One of the things I was looking for in an MBA program was accessibility, in terms of where the program was located and when classes met. I appreciated that St. Edward’s was partly online and that we met face-to-face three times per class, on the weekend. I work from home and don’t keep strict 8-5 hours; sometimes I have calls very early in the morning or later in the evening. Having the flexibility to fit in both work and school was very important.” —Sandra Lewis MBA ’19

“While I was in school, I worked full-time in Round Rock and drove to St. Edward’s in rush-hour traffic for my evening classes. I had to become more efficient at my job so I could walk out the door at 5, and I got rid of cable and any other distractions. I was just extremely committed to the program. My master’s from St. Edward’s transformed not just my skillset but my confidence, and I advanced very quickly in the sector I entered after I graduated.” —Christopher Burton MBA ’99

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