Supporting Every Aspect of the St. Edward’s Experience

Holy Cross values, passionate scholarship, diverse and inclusive community, global awareness, vibrant hilltop traditions. It’s quintessential St. Edward’s — and it’s all supported by The St. Edward’s Fund.

The St. Edward’s Fund provides essential annual funding for day-to-day campus life and learning on the hilltop. These gifts are especially critical because they give the university the financial flexibility to be nimble and resilient in response to emerging student needs. 

Gifts to The St. Edward’s Fund have an immediate impact, directly supporting new and continuing initiatives within the university’s annual operating budget. Every dollar is spent every year. That’s why annual gifts are so important!

When you give to The St. Edward’s Fund, you provide a stable foundation for:

  • Scholarships — including need-based financial aid. Your generosity ensures that talented students from all backgrounds can find their home on the hilltop regardless of their financial circumstances. 
  • Student Support and Activities — including career advising, health and counseling services, student clubs and activities, and more.
  • Academic Instruction and Experiential Learning — including technology, online journal acquisitions, classroom materials, advanced research opportunities and paid internships, mission-driven service initiatives, and more.

We greatly appreciate your generosity. If you have any questions or would like more information, you can reach us in the Office of University Advancement at 512-464-8826 or