University Plans for Fall 2020

From President George E. Martin, PhD

St. Edward’s University is looking forward to the return of students, faculty and staff for the 2020–2021 academic year. Our community is adapting for Covid-19 and planning for a safe, socially distanced return by developing new systems and protocols, all designed to keep the hilltop healthy. We are preparing our students to take on their world, while keeping them safe and healthy.

What You Need to Know

The university’s Covid-19 response levels and the ongoing efforts of dedicated workgroups allow us to be flexible and responsive to the continually changing circumstances this pandemic presents. Under the current Texas guidelines, institutions of higher education remain essential businesses. Our plans for a phased return to campus continue, and we are committed to meeting or exceeding city and state Covid-19 response safety measures. 

University leadership remains committed to working with local health officials and our medical advisory team to plan for a safe and healthy return to campus in July and August. We will continue to provide timely updates to these plans and any related changes based on guidance from our partners.   

From Our Medical Partners

Justin Sloan, vice president for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, talks with St. Edward’s University medical advisors Dr. Nick van Terheyden, former chief medical officer for Dell, and Fred Goldstein, an expert in population health at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Van Terheyden and Goldstein, along with other experts, are advising the university on evidence-backed health and safety measures for the 2020–2021 academic year.

Risk and Emergency Management Team

The university’s Risk and Emergency Management Team is a group of university leaders who guide the safety and planning of all university issues related to any emergency, including a global pandemic. The team is led by vice presidents and reports to the university president.

University Workgroups

Eight workgroups have been assembled across campus to plan for return to campus and contingencies. These workgroups consist of faculty and staff who are experts in their respective fields. In addition, the workgroups are incorporating student input through surveys and focus groups throughout the planning process. Workgroups include:​

  • Academic Instruction
  • Academic Services
  • Athletics
  • Business and Employee Continuity
  • Communication
  • LiveWell SEU
  • Residential Community
  • Student and Family Transitions

Learn more about the planning happening across campus: Safety, Academic Instruction and Services, and Student Life

Medical Advisors 

St. Edward’s University is extending its expertise by working with a panel of medical advisors. A core team of physicians and other subject-matter experts will assist the university throughout the summer and fall with student and staff training, risk assessment, and policy changes. 

The university is working with a core team of experts, and additional subject matter experts will provide guidance related to infectious diseases and epidemiology.

Luis Saldana, MD, MBA, FACEP
Dr. Saldana is an emergency physician with 30 years of clinical and experience as a medical director in busy urban emergency department settings. At Texas Health Resources, Dr. Saldana was a leader in response to emerging diseases including ebola, MERS and H1N1.

Nick van Terheyden, MD
Dr. van Terheyden is the former chief medical officer of Dell and chief medical informatics officer of Nuance. He has been a leader in digital transformation, telemedicine, and Covid-19 research, analysis and response. He is also the co-creator of Covid-19 Back to Work Safely Training Series. 

Fred Goldstein
An instructor at the Bower School of Population Health at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Mr. Goldstein is a member of the editorial board of the journal Population Health Management. He is the co-creator of Covid-19 Back to Work Safely Training Series.

US Healthy Work will be providing alerts and webinars, as well as the opportunity to engage their extended team of experts.

Ready for Fall 2020

July 20

Begin phased employee return to campus

July 27

University divisions provide daily updates

August 16–20

New students arrive on campus for Anchors

August 24

Fall semester begins

Updated June 26, 2020