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Marketing Support
If you need help, you have two options for support:


Support Ticket
Submit a ticket to if:

  • You cannot log into the content management system
  • You do not have permission or access to edit or publish your pages
  • You are experiencing an error that doesn't allow you to save edits, make changes or publish content
  • You need to add or delete pages
  • You need to make menu changes
  • Any other technical troubleshooting of bugs and errors 

Web Help
Submit a request to if:

  • You need assistance with understanding how to make content changes (such as updating, removing and adding content and images)
  • You need help with creating or editing elements on your pages, such as accordions, tabs, buttons, etc.
  • You have content-related questions about sections of the website

Before submitting your request, please review our How To, Permissions, Editing, and other sections and tutorials on this page and the Website Toolkit for assistance with editing, building, updating, and publishing your pages.

Once you've determined which request is proper for you, web help or support ticket, please include the following:

  • Your name and SEU ID
  • The URL of the page or pages you need help with
  • Your operating system and browser
  • We love screenshots!
  • Anything else you want to share