Working part-time as a student employee while you're going to college can provide more than just money. Your job can give you a break from the pressures of academic life, helping you learn new things and meet new people. The ability to work before, between, and after scheduled classes is also a benefit of working as a student employee at St. Edward’s. 

There are a variety of opportunities for student employment in on-campus positions and off-campus community service positions. When considering employment with the university, you should weigh the advantages of locating a job that matches your special skills, interest, and/or academic major.

On-campus student employment at St. Edward’s is offered through a wide variety of departments. Students can be paid directly by the department or through a work-study program. 

Student positions paid directly by a department enable students to work on-campus even though they do not have a work-study award through the Office of Student Financial Services. University departments hire approximately 800 student employees under this program. The large number of job opportunities funded by this program helps illustrate the investment university departments commit to student employees.

The work-study program provides students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through part-time employment. Participants must have demonstrated financial need and have a work-study award as part of their financial aid offer through the Office of Student Financial Services. Examples of jobs include tutors, office assistants, recreational assistants, facilities assistants, and event staff.  Each year, approximately 250 students are funded for job opportunities through this program based on the work-study allocation provided to the university by the state and federal governments.

Work-study is coordinated through the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS). SFS is located in Main Building, Room 204. Our office can be contacted at (512) 448-8523 locally or toll-free at (800) 555-0164. Office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Off-campus community service offers students a chance to gain work experience while also giving back to the community.

Who should I contact?

  • General Employment: Human Resources (512-448-8587)
  • Work-Study: Student Financial Services (512-448-8523)
  • Job Postings (Hilltop Careers/Handshake) and Assistance in Applying for Student Employment Positions: Career and Professional Development (512-448-8530)

Policies - General information regarding the policies specific to students employed by St. Edward's can be found in the student employee and university employee policies. In addition to the information and policies stated in the Employee Handbook, student employees of St. Edward's have specific policies pertaining to their employment. Any discrepancy between the information found between the Employee Handbook and the policies outlined for student employees is resolved in favor of the student employment policies.

Find a Job

All on-campus and off-campus positions and internships associated with St. Edward's, as well as general off-campus positions and internships not associated with the university are listed through Hilltop Careers powered by Handshake. Please follow the instructions below to begin your job search.

On-Campus Job Search: 

  • Log in to Hilltop Careers using the blue St. Edward's University Single Sign On button
  • Once logged in and your profile is complete, select the On-Campus option under the Jobs tab
  • Click on the Search button

To search for on-campus positions that are only open to work study students:

  • Follow the steps above to search for an on-campus position, then
  • Click on the Filters option below the search bar
  • Check the box for Work Study
  • Click on See Jobs

Off-Campus Job Search:

  • Log in to Hilltop Careers using the blue St. Edward's University Single Sign On button
  • Under the Jobs tab, use the search bar or select from the different options and filters available below the search bar
  • Click on the Search button
Student Onboarding with HR

All student employees are responsible for completing the appropriate hiring documentation to ensure access to timesheets and for payment of time worked.

New Student Employees

New student employees are required to visit the Human Resources office to complete their New Hire documents, including:

  1. I-9 Form
    • Please carefully review the USCIS list of acceptable documents (on page 3) required to complete the I-9 Form 
    • We must see original, physical, unexpired documents (scanned copies and/or photos will not be accepted)
    • Employees may present one selection from List A or a combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C
  2. Payroll Payment Option Form
  3. W-4 (2021)
  4. Background Check (if applicable)

Students cannot begin working until all of these documents are in their personnel file.

To make an appointment with HR, please feel free to use our Google Calendar to schedule an in-person meeting, or simply walk-in Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The Office of Human Resources is located on the SEU campus in Doyle Hall, Room 131. Please note that we are remote on Friday.

New International Student Employees

In order for an international student to work, they must apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) through the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSN is required to process their job in Banner.

  1. Employee gets in contact with the International Student Services (ISS) on campus to retrieve a verification of employment (VOE)
    1. The student’s supervisor will need to approve that the student will be employed with them
  2. The student brings the VOE and foreign documentation to the SSA so they can apply for a social
  3. Once the student has obtained their card, they need to update their student record at the Registrar’s Office (MAI 221)
    1. The Registrar will update the students school record and then Banner will update that information overnight
    2. Student hiring paperwork will be able to generate at that time
  4. Student visits HR to complete their I-9
    1. Ex: An F-1 student may choose to bring in a foreign passport, I-94 (which can be printed out), and an I-20
Get Paid

To ensure proper payment for time worked, student employees must complete their timesheet on a bi-monthly basis

Accessing/Completing Timesheets:

  • Log in to your myHilltop account
  • Select the Submit/Review Timesheets task
  • Follow the timesheet tutorial video to ensure that your timesheet is completed correctly

Student Pay Information:

View Work Study Earnings - Student employees who receive wages through the work-study program can view their work-study earnings through their myHilltop account. To access this information, please complete the steps below

Wage Scale

Wages are set at the $.25 increment within the band.

Classification Level Student Assistant Skilled Assistant
General (I) $ 8.00 - $8.50 $ 9.00 - $ 9.50
Intermediate (II) $ 8.25 - $ 9.25 $ 9. 25 - $ 10. 25
Advanced (III) $ 8.50 - $ 10.00 $ 10.00 - $ 12.00

Why On Campus Jobs are Great

Do you want to gain real-world experience, plus some extra money without even having to leave campus? Discover the many benefits of an on-campus job.