At St. Edward's University, individual student supervisors play a key role in the hiring of student employees. Student supervisors have the ability to post student positions, generate student hiring paperwork and approve student timesheets. Below is information to help assist student supervisors when hiring a student employee. 

Policies: General information regarding the policies specific to students employed by St. Edward's can be found in the student employment and general employment policies. In addition to the information and policies stated in the Employee Handbook, student employees of St. Edward's have specific policies pertaining to their employment. Any discrepancy between information found between the Employee Handbook and the policies outlined for student employees is resolved in favor of the student employment policies.

Student Employment Policies

General Employment Policies

  • Post a Job

  • Complete Hiring Paperwork

  • Review Student Timesheets

Post a Job

All student positions are posted through Hilltop Careers. Within Hilltop Careers, a student supervisor will be able to post a student position, edit a position, close a position or re-post a student position.

Access to Hilltop Careers:

If you are a student supervisor and do not have access to Hilltop Careers, please have your immediate supervisor complete the Request for Student Supervisor Access form through myHilltop.

New Job Posting:

  1. Log in to myHilltop
  2. Select Post Student Jobs to access Hilltop Careers. 
  3. Log in to Hilltop Careers and scroll over My Jobs/Internships (at the top of the page) to select New Jobs/Internships.
  4. Complete fields marked with an asterisk (*) along with the following information:
  • Number of Openings
  • Student Pay Rate: The standard University pay rate is 8.00 – 8.75 per hour
  • Employment Start and End Dates (typical dates listed below):
  • Fall Only: 08/16/YY – 12/15/YY
  • Fall – Spring 08/16/YY – 05/15/YY
  • Spring: 01/16/YY – 05/15/YY
  • Summer: 05/16/YY – 08/15/YY
  • Supervisor: List the name of the person supervising the position(s)
  • Location: List the building and office/room number where the student will be working
  • Position Type: Select On-Campus Job for Students
  • Applicant Type:
  • Work study only = select WS Assigned
  • Departmentally Paid only = select Current Student
  • Either work study or departmentally paid = select WS Assigned and Current Student by holding the ctrl key while selecting
  • Academic Programs: Select Add/Remove and select all applicable majors/departments
  • Show Contact Information: set as Yes
  • Allow Students to Submit Resume through Hilltop Careers: SEU preference is that supervisors allow students to submit resumes for jobs through Hilltop Careers
  1. Click Save to submit the job posting for approval.
  • Student job posting will be placed in a Pending status and not viewable to students until approved by Student Financial Services. Once approved, the student job posting will change to an Active status and will be viewable to students.
  • Student job postings will automatically expire in 45 days, unless the expiration date is extended. Student supervisors will receive an email when the posting is about to expire. When the expiration date passes, student job postings are moved to an inactive status and are no longer visible to students.

Reposting/Reopening a Job:

Hilltop Careers will allow Student Supervisors to re-open/re-post a position that is currently closed or inactive.

  1. Log in to myHilltop.
  2. Select Post Student Jobs to access Hilltop Careers.
  3. Log in to Hilltop Careers and select My Jobs/Internships from the menu options along the top of the page.
  4. Select Job List and choose the posting you would like to copy.
  5. Select Copy Job from the upper left-hand corner of your screen. A new posting will be generated with edit functionality
  6. Revise the job posting and click Save to submit. The student job posting will be placed in Pending status until reviewed by Student Financial Services

Closing a Job:

  1. Log in to myHilltop.
  2. Select Post Student Jobs to access Hilltop Careers.
  3. Log in to Hilltop Careers and select My Jobs/Internships from the menu options along the top of the page.
  4. Select Job List and choose the posting you would like to close.
  5. Click Close Job in the right-hand column for that job listing.

Complete Hiring Paperwork

To verify a student is eligible to work on campus and complete the student hiring process, student supervisors will need to complete the steps below:

Verification of Student Eligibility to Work On-Campus:

  1. Log in to myHilltop.
  2. Select Generate Hiring Paperwork and enter in the requested information.
  3. Click the Reports dropdown menu (at the top of the window), choose Student Hiring Forms, and select Run.
  4. Once the report is ready, open with Adobe Acrobat.
  • If there are any missing requirements the report will specify what item(s) are incomplete. If missing items is a Background Check, the Background Check Form will be available to print as part of the report. If all requirements are met, the report will generate instructions and paperwork for you to print

Complete the Hiring Process:

  • Print the instructions and any additional paperwork that is generated from the verification of student eligibility to work on-campus.

Supervisors will need to use the instruction sheet to complete the process below. 

Students will complete any additional paper forms that are generated from the verification of eligibility process and submit all forms to Human Resources.  International Students must complete hiring forms at the Payroll Office

An electronic hiring form will open and you will need use the instruction sheet that was generated from the verification of student eligibility to work on-campus.

Review Student Timesheets

To ensure payment for time worked, student supervisors should review student timesheets on a bi-monthly basis and verify that the information reported is accurate. Student Supervisors can follow the timesheet tutorial video for more information on reviewing and approving student timesheets.

Student wages are paid according to the following payroll schedule:

2016-2017 Payroll Calendar

Pay Period

Pay Date

August 16 - 31 September 15
September 1 - 15 September 30
September 16 - 30 October 14
October 1 - 15 October 31
October 16 - 31 November 15
November 1 - 15 November 30
November 16 - 30 December 15
December 1 - 15 December 23
December 16 - 31 January 13
January 1 - 15 January 31
January 16 - 31 February 15
February 1 - 15 February 28
February 16 - 28 March 15
March 1 - 15 March 31