At St. Edward's University, individual student supervisors play a key role in the hiring of student employees. Student supervisors have the ability to post student positions, generate student hiring paperwork, and approve student timesheets. Below is information to help assist student supervisors when hiring a student employee. 


General information regarding the policies specific to students employed by St. Edward's can be found in the student employment and general employment policies. In addition to the information and policies stated in the Employee Handbook, student employees of St. Edward's have specific policies pertaining to their employment. Any discrepancy between the information found between the Employee Handbook and the policies outlined for student employees is resolved in favor of the student employment policies.

Student Supervisor Resources

Post a Job

All student positions are posted through Hilltop Careers.  Within Hilltop Careers, a student supervisor will be able to post a student position, edit a position, close a position or re-post a student position.

Access to Hilltop Careers:

If you are a student supervisor, or hiring manager for student employment positions within your department, and do not have access to Hilltop Careers as an employer, you will need to sign up for an employer account.  Because Hilltop Careers is accessible to students, alumni and employers alike, there are different methods for creating an employer account, depending on whether or not you already have been assigned a student or alumni account.  All current and previous students of the university have already been assigned a student/alumni Hilltop Career account.  Choose the Hilltop Careers sign up guide below corresponding with whether you have or have not attended classes at St. Edward's University.  

If you need assistance accessing Hilltop Careers, please contact Career and Professional Development at 512-448-8530.

Post a Job:

  1. Log in to myHilltop
  2. Select Post Student Jobs to access Hilltop Careers. 
  3. Click on Post a Job in the top left of the page
  4. Complete fields marked with an asterisk (*) and any other pertinent fields. 

For more detailed instructions on posting student employment positions to Hilltop Careers, download the step-by-step job posting guide.

If you need assistance posting a position to Hilltop Careers, please contact Career and Professional Development at 512-448-8530.

Helpful Job Posting Information:

Job Type: On Campus Student Employment

Employment Start and End Dates (typical dates listed below):

Fall: 08/16/YY – 12/15/YY

Fall & Spring: 08/16/YY – 05/15/YY

Spring: 01/16/YY – 05/15/YY

Summer: 05/16/YY – 08/15/YY

Work-Study: only applicants who have Accepted work-study funding are able to view your work-study job postings

Description: Job Description and Qualifications can be described in this field

Approximate Salary: A pay range is not accepted in this field; you can leave this field blank and discuss the standard student pay rates with applicants

Schools: Select St. Edward's University from the list on the left side of the page

The student job posting will be placed in Pending status and not viewable to students until approved. 

Repost/Reopen a Job:

Hilltop Careers will allow Student Supervisors to duplicate a position that is currently expired.

  1. Log in to myHilltop
  2. Select Post Student Jobs to access Hilltop Careers
  3. From your dashboard, click on the expired job that you want to duplicate (repost)
  4. Click on the Duplicate Job button
  5. Revise the job posting as needed and click Save Changes. The student job posting will be placed in Pending status until reviewed by Student Financial Services

Expire a Job:

  1. Log in to myHilltop.
  2. Select Post Student Jobs to access Hilltop Careers
  3. From your dashboard, click on the job that you want to expire
  4. Click on the Expire Job button; click Confirm
Student Hiring

To verify a student is eligible to work on campus and initiate the student hiring process, student supervisors will need to complete the steps below:

Generate Hiring Paperwork

  1. Go to myHilltop and locate the Generate Student Hiring Paperwork task
  2. Run Argos Report (Student Employment Details) to check for student employment eligibility
  3. Offer letter will generate based on fields completed in Argos
  4. Review paperwork with students and retrieve signature

Submit Student Employment Request

  1. Fill in required fields on theStudent Employment Request Form using the Argos report information
  2. Determine New Hire, Rehire, or Rehire with Changes
  3. Attach three documents
    • Signed Job Description
    • Signed Offer Letter
    • Argos report (Student Employment Details Page)
  4. Allow up to 5 days for processing between HR and Payroll

Please have your student visit the Office of Human Resources to complete their new hire documentation (I-9, W-4, Payroll, and Background check)

Review Student Timesheets

To ensure payment for time worked, student supervisors should review student timesheets on a bi-monthly basis and verify that the information reported is accurate.

Payroll Calendar:

Pay Period Pay Date
August 16 - 31 September 15
September 1 - 15 September 30
September 16 - 30 October 15
October 1 - 15 October 30
October 16 - 31 November 15
November 1 - 15 November 30
November 16 - 30 December 15
December 1 - 15 December 23
December 16 - 31 January 15
January 1 - 15 January 31
January 16 - 31 February 15
February 1 - 15 February 28
February 16 - 28 March 13
March 1 - 15 March 31
March 16 - 31 April 15
April 1 - 15 April 30
April 16 - 30 May 15
May 1 - 15 May 29
May 16 - 31 June 14
June 1 - 15 June 30
June 16 - 30 July 15
July 1 -15 July 31
July 16 - 31 August 14
August 1 - 15 August 31