Stand-out in the competitive tech job marketplace with a Certificate in Coding for Non-Coders.

Designed specifically for individuals without programming experience, the Certificate in Coding for Non-Coders provides a foundation in coding along with the technical vocabulary needed to communicate effectively with professionals in the tech fields. Through a sequence of three course, you will develop logic, critical reasoning and other computer literacy skills,

This certificate will provide you with the basic knowledge of algorithms and scripting that enable you to program, giving you an edge in a wide variety of occupations, including digital product management, product marketing, sales development, research analysis, content management, corporate finance, and on digital journalism and content creation teams.

The Certificate in Coding for Non-Coders is open to students from any major and allows you to earn certification while pursuing your undergraduate degree, 


After completing the coursework to earn this certificate, you will have your academic transcripts annotated as having earned this certification — and be able to show future employers your expertise. You’ll graduate with:

  • An ability to write your own programs, including some basic computer games, using an easy-to-learn scripting language (Python)
  • Experience with such topics as databases, client/server models and using higher Python functions for data analysis, games and simple apps. 
  • Experience with digital project planning, allowing you to apply your new coding skills by conceiving, developing, testing and deploying a game or mobile app.