It’s no secret that experiential learning enhances your education, job skills and résumé in big ways. Students at St. Edward’s engage in a wealth of real-world learning opportunities. Here’s how to connect with internships, research, leadership, community service and study abroad on the hilltop.



Gain Real-World Job Experience

One of the best ways to sharpen your professional skills and explore career fields is by taking on an internship or part-time job. You’ll get practical experience and develop transferable skills that give you a competitive edge with employers. Plus, you can apply what you learn in the classroom to the workplace.

What’s the best way to find internships and jobs? Get started by contacting the Career and Professional Development (CAPD) team. They’ll lead you to resources and events that connect you with these opportunities:

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Employers, including St. Edward’s, looking to recruit Hilltoppers post their internships in Handshake (available to current students). You can also learn about internships by talking with your success coach, faculty advisor and career coach; using other search databases like Indeed, LinkedIn and GlassDoor; and attending CAPD’s internship fairs and other recruiting events.

Campus Jobs & Work Study

What could be more convenient than having a job on campus? St. Edward’s employs students for on-campus jobs and work-study positions. If you receive a work-study award with your financial aid offer, you can apply for work-study jobs. Check out campus job listings on Handshake.

Community Federal Work Study Internships

The St. Edward’s Community Federal Work Study (CFWS) program opens doors to additional internship opportunities. It allows students who qualify for work study to pursue off-campus internships with participating nonprofits in Austin as a career-related community service position. Search Handshake for these special off-campus work-study opportunities. See how 4 students benefited from the CFWS program.

Want to know more? Here’s a great roundup of how CAPD can help you launch your career.



Dive into Innovative Research

Participating in research is an ideal way to clarify your interests and career goals, and strengthen your résumé. You’ll team up with faculty and/or fellow students to contribute to the creation of new knowledge and, if it’s your goal, prepare for graduate school. In the process, you’ll enhance your analytical thinking skills and gain in-depth knowledge in your field of study. You’ll can also present your professional-level work at conferences and for publication. 

Every academic school at St. Edward’s provides outstanding research opportunities that take place in Austin, on campus — like this one studying bee hives on the hilltop — and in partnership with other universities and organizations. Your professors, success coach and career coach can lead you to research activities that support your major. Meet with them to discuss your interests. In addition to your school of study, check out these programs and resources on campus that provide research opportunities:

St. Edward's University

Wild Basin Creative Research Center

This living laboratory provides exciting field research opportunities for students across majors, from natural sciences to social sciences to humanities. Projects in the works include monitoring urban wildlife in Austin, tracking pollination activity for native plants and studying enhancements to song bird habitat. Email Wild Basin to learn how to get involved in Wild Basin research projects that align with your major.

Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (i4)

Our National Science Foundation-funded institute focuses on increasing students’ readiness for the world’s 4th Industrial Revolution brought on by smart technology. The institute builds skills in interdisciplinary sciences, informatics and emerging technologies, and helps students tap into paid summer research internships like this one with The Nature Conservancy. Talk with your science professors and success coach about this opportunity.

McNair Scholars Program

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and St. Edward’s, this highly successful program funds intensive student-faculty research and other scholarly activities that support less affluent, underrepresented and first-generation students in pursuing a PhD. Email our McNair Scholars Program to learn more.

University Funded Awards

St. Edward’s offers awards for valuable research experiences for students, as well as internships, creative projects and coursework not offered by St. Edward’s, if there’s a need. Email Dina Guidubaldi, director of Fellowships, to learn about our Student Conference Fund, Summer Academic Excellence Awards and Martin Scholars Award and how to apply for these opportunities.



Build Valuable Leadership Skills

College is a perfect time to identify your own leadership style — one that fits your strengths and personality.

Why is leadership important? It boosts your personal growth and self-confidence. It also teaches you the art of cultivating relationships within diverse teams, collaborating and problem-solving successfully and motivating and managing others toward a common goal.

Being an effective leader is a skill employers value and look for on your résumé. Check out student leadership opportunities on the hilltop, such as these:

St. Edward's University RAC

Student Organizations and Clubs rely on effective leadership, and with 100+ active groups on the hilltop, you’ll find your leadership fit.  

Leaders Engaging in Actions for Development (LEAD) provides student organization leaders with leadership education and one-on-one consultations to help them successfully manage and lead their organizations.

Recreation and Wellness Leaders are the backbone of RecWell’s LiveWellSEU programs. They monitor all Club Sport activities, teach GroupX and Yoga classes, host wellness education workshops, provide personal training, conduct health and wellness assessments, provide campus health education programs, and more.  

Campus Ministry’s Service Program Leaders can apply their passion for service and social justice to meaningful leadership positions that guide Service Break Experiences, peer ministry activities, S.E.R.V.E. Austin programs, spiritual retreats, Bible study and more.

Resident Assistants help students make the most of living on the hilltop by providing support and guidance, and planning res hall programs and activities that foster new friendships and important social and life skills. For more information, email Cait Schramm, assistant director of Residence Life.  

Student Orientation Leaders help new students successfully acclimate to college life before and during their first weeks on the hilltop. You’ll lead small group discussions with new students, explain involvement opportunities and procedures, and acquaint new students with campus services and traditions. For more information, email Dawson Pressel, assistant director of Student Involvement.



Discover Your Purpose through Service

A life-changing part of a Holy Cross education and your St. Edward’s experience is the chance to live your values through community service and a commitment to social justice. In the process, you’ll engage in real-world experiences that help you deepen your understanding of social problems and how to take action to create change.

On the hilltop, Campus Ministry and other organizations sponsor many opportunities to get involved and make a difference through service — in Austin and beyond. Here are a few:

St. Edward's University SERVE

Service Break Experiences allow you to practice your beliefs through service activities rooted in building community, doing justice, living simply and engaging spiritually.

S.E.R.V.E. Austin and S.E.R.V.E. 1 Day programs are an opportunity to work with local nonprofits for a day or a full semester and focus on a particular social issue such as food insecurity, immigration or education.

Nonprofit and Volunteer Fairs are held each year and feature Austin nonprofits and university-sponsored organizations that connect you with service-focused volunteer opportunities, internships and possible jobs within their organizations.

The BIG Event is the university’s largest annual one-day student-run service project that connects volunteers to Austin organizations and service activities for a day of giving back to our local community. Sign up for this event during the spring semester.



Expand Your Worldview by Studying Abroad

One of the many ways St. Edward’s fosters a globally minded perspective is through study abroad experiences. Studying abroad is an enriching opportunity to live and learn in another country for a few weeks or a full semester. Being immersed in another culture gives you a better understanding of yourself and the world community — and an advantage in the job market after you graduate.

St. Edward’s offers 100+ university approved programs to choose from in most corners of the world, with study abroad opportunities to fit every academic plan and personal interest. You can receive credit toward your degree, and support from any financial aid and scholarships can apply as well. So, what are your waiting for? Schedule a meeting with the Study Abroad Office to learn more!

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