Heads up, Hilltoppers! March is the time to review courses with your success coach/faculty advisor, and April is the time to register for your fall courses. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are assigned specific days to register. Follow these important steps to make sure you’re ready for classes. 

Advising Steps

Advising for fall classes begins in February. Follow these steps to ensure you are able to register on your assigned day:

STEP 1: Review Degree Works and identify courses needed to meet your degree plan.  

STEP 2: Schedule your advising appointment(s) to discuss your plan and receive your PIN. 

  • Freshmen – Get advised by your success coach to receive your PIN.
  • Sophomores – Get advised by your faculty advisor to receive your PIN.
  • Juniors – Get advised by your faculty advisor to receive your PIN.
  • Seniors – Get advised by your faculty advisor to receive your PIN.

*Not sure who your success coach/faculty advisor is? Your success team is listed in Degree Works and success coach contact information is listed on the Meet Your Success Coach page. 

STEP 3: Check for registration holds in myHilltop (for example: from Student Financial Services or the Registrar). You must take care of any holds before you can register.

STEP 4: Review your assigned registration day in myHilltop.

Registration Steps

Registration for fall classes begins in April. Follow these steps to get registered:

STEP 1*: On your assigned day, log in to myHilltop and register for classes.

*Your registration status may not be the same as your classification. To determine your assigned day, go to Prepare for Registration in myHilltop.

STEP 2**: If you experience unexpected issues when registering on your day, please visit Registration Quick Fix. Student Financial Services/Student Accounts, Registrar’s Office, and success coaches from the Student Success Center will be available to provide support and answer questions.

**If you plan to graduate at the end of the upcoming semester, don’t forget to Apply to Graduate in myHilltop after registering for classes!