We want our audiences to have a seamless experience across stedwards.edu. This means consistent fonts, colors and web elements.

We want visitors to explore our site because they’re engaged, they’re learning, and they’re interested. Users are looking to learn about St. Edward’s, not be surprised or frustrated by inconsistencies in the design of our web pages.

The content management system (CMS) for stedwards.edu was designed to give content owners options within a consistent framework.

  • The web is designed to be engaging. As you think about your content, consider what you want the user to do next and where you want them to click or scroll.
  • Rank your content. Determine your most important content. Think about your goals, and use that to guide what you publish, and where. Your most important content should always be placed first.
  • Avoid clutter. Users go from one visual stop-point to the next. Help users find what they’re looking for by keeping your page uncluttered.

Have a question or need help?

Contact webhelp@stedwards.edu