School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Jessica Boyette-Davis, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience

Proposal: Pain Perception in Athletes vs. Non-athletes as a Result of Perceived Competition

Dr. Kathleen Brown, Associate Professor of History
Proposal: Bearing Witness to Christian Faith and Practice: California Ministers’ Opposition to Militarism in World War I

Dr. Laurie Heffron, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Proposal: Post-Detention Access to Services and Well-Being Among Immigrant Women and Children

Dr. Katherine Goldey, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
Proposal: Physiological Pathways from Cognitive Appraisals to Social Behavior

Dr. Selin Guner, Associate Professor of Global Studies
Proposal: What are the causes and consequences of the recent military coup attempt on Turkish politics?

Dr. Sarah Henseler, Professor of Psychology

Proposal: Belief Challenge and Identity Among College Students: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study

Dr. Jooyoun Lee, Assistant Professor of Global Studies/Political Science
Proposal: War Memory and Foreign Policy in International Hierarchy and Korean Popular Culture in Asian and in North America

Dr. Adam McCormick, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Proposal: Research project for publication – addressing systemic barriers that LGBTQ youth encounter in the child welfare system

Dr. Rachael Neal, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Proposal: Constructing Whiteness: Sustaining Anti-Racist Ideologies

Dr. Delia Kothmann Paskos, Associate Professor of Psychology
Proposal: Preparing manuscript for publication on Art Therapy and Alzheimer’s Research Study and Planning for Implementation of Seminar on Sexual Assault and Self-Defense

Dr. Michelle Robertson, Associate Professor of Sociology
Proposal: NSF ADVANCE Program Adaptation Grant Application

School of Education

Dr. Elisabeth Johnson, Associate Professor of Literacy

Proposal: Research project: collaborative self-study of pre-service teachers and a teacher educator’s digital crossings

Dr. Katie Peterson, Assistant Professor of Reading

Proposal: Developing Socially Just Ideologies in a Teacher Education Program

Dr. Kris Sloan, Associate Professor of Education
Proposal: The Uberization of Teacher Credentialing: The “Revolution” will not be Theorized

School of Humanities

Dr. Alan Altimont, Associate Professor of English
Proposal: Marbod of Rennes: Selected Works

Dr. Emily Bernate, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Proposal: Evaluations of Morphological and Lexical Politeness Strategies in United States Spanish

Dr. Mary Brantl, Associate Professor of Art
Proposal: Hagel & Mieth –through a Jack London Lens

Dr. Kelley Coblenz Bautch, Associate Professor of Religious and Theological Studies

Proposal: Context through Texts: Religious Practices and Communities Revealed by Pseudepipgraphal Literature & an Emerging Project: an Edited Volume on the Historical Jesus

Dr. Christopher Gerben, Assistant Professor of Writing & Rhetoric
Proposal: Social/Media/Writing: The Rhetorics of Online Interactions

Ms. Hollis Hammonds, Associate Professor of Art

Proposal: “The Space Between Believing and Forgetting”

Ms. Jena Heath, Associate Professor of Journalism
Proposal: The China Stories: Exploring the Changing Narrative of Chinese Adoption

Mr. William Kennedy, Professor of Photocommunications

Proposal: Hybrid Digital Imaging Technology and production of new work

Ms. Alexandra Robinson, Associate Professor of Art

Proposal: Dahs and Dits and Commitment Issues

Ms. Tammie Rubin, Assistant Professor of Art
Proposal: Always & Forever, Visual Study of the Great Migration

Dr. Brian Sheerin, Associate Professor of English
Proposal: Something from Nothing: Literary Theory and Radical Imagination in Early Modern England

Ms. Mary Helen Specht, Assistant Professor of English

Proposal: Research for second novel loosely based on the end of Georgia O’Keefe’s life

Dr. Jennifer Veninga, Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological Studies
Proposal: A Comparative Theology of Witness: Trauma, Testimony and Solidarity in a Global Context

Dr. Joseph Vitone, Professor of Photocommunications

Proposal: Family Records Photography and Italian Language Study

Dr. Peter Wake, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Proposal: Hegel and Comedy – completion of scholarly article

Dr. Sasha West, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Proposal: Solastalgia: A Manuscript of Poems

Dr. Emma Woelk, Assistant Professor of German

Proposal: Well ich ajch derzejln a majsse: Fred Wander’s Yiddish storytelling between Revival, Redemption and Critique

School of Natural Sciences

Dr. Kaitlyn Phillipson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Proposal: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Convex Codes

Dr. Bill Quinn, Professor of Biology and Computer Science
Proposal: Guiding Student Research in Plant Physiology

Dr. Bilal Shebaro, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Proposal: Crime Scene in a Digital World: An interdisciplinary course for the 21st century crime fighters

Dr. Casey Sherman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Proposal: Periodic Orbit Structures of Billiards on an Equilateral Triangle, Orbit Structures of Homeomorphisms on Cantor sets and Continua

Dr. Santiago Toledo, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Proposal: Research: Collaborative research involving undergraduates to synthesize and study a family of metal complexes that mimic the active site and reactivity of Ni-ARD

The Bill Munday School of Business

Dr. David Altounian, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Proposal: Summer Entrepreneurship Program

Dr. Katherine Lopez, Assistant Professor of Accounting
Proposal: An Exploration of Accounting Role Identities Expected by the Public

Ms. Catherine MacDermott, Professor of Management
Proposal: Framing employability deliverables in BCOMM around the personal brand: A pedagogical strategy for developing students’ unique value proposition in the marketplace

Dr. Wesley Pollitte, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Proposal: Evaluation of Experiential Learning: Does it Motivate Students to Take a Deep Learning Approach?

Dr. Debra Zahay Blatz, Professor of Marketing
Proposal: The Organizational Challenges in Teaching Digital Marketing